Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Colors by Llarowe: Hillbilly Harlot - Swatches and Review

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I know it's the first day of September and everyone is thinking fall, including me (I love autumn!), but it is still triple digits here in the Valley of the Sun so I thought I would show you a gorgeous eye-searing beauty from Colors by Llarowe today! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Happy Friday! Zoya is obviously "in the know" with what is going on with Mentality Nail Polish (if you haven't heard, please read my post here) and I think this is an amazing way for them to respond. Every April Zoya does a promotion for Earth Day where you can purchase polishes for 50% off, and free shipping, and in return you send in old (or in this case potentially dangerous) polishes for them to dispose of properly. New polish at a great price for you and safe disposal of potentially harmful polishes, win/win!

*Please, if you are one of the victims who has had their nails ruined and experienced burns due to Mentality polishes, do not dispose of these polishes without seeking legal counsel first. You may need these at a later date for evidence.

Trade in your brands for the smart choice today! Not only was Zoya the pioneer of the BIG3FREE and the BIG5FREE movement, we're technically 8-Free since our formulas have never included ethyl tosylamide, xylene or parabens. As the trusted brand among professionals and women who want cutting edge color with the safest formula available,  we want to give you the opportunity to trade in your unwanted brands for a healthier alternative - especially since many of you are concerned about the current formulas that you are using. Let's make it the standard that #HealthierIsHappier!
How The Exchange Works...
1. Add a minimum of 6 bottles of polish (no more than 24 bottles) to your cart. Please Note: Naked Manicure & Zoya Treatments are excluded.
2. Apply Code: HAPPY and a 50% credit will be deducted from your exchange order - free shipping included!
3. Complete checkout and you're all set! If you need further instructions on sending back your unwanted polish click HERE.

The exchange runs on the honor system, which means you are not obligated to send in your unwanted polish - we assume you're going to do the right thing! If you choose to send back your polishes, please check with your carrier of choice for shipping guidelines and restrictions for nail polish. For full promotion terms & conditions and instructions on how to send in your polish, click HERE.
Offer valid 8/28/15 - 9/12/15 (11:59pm EST)

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mentality Nail Polish: There's More to the Story

It has been a busy and drama-filled weekend in the nail community. I am not one to get involved in drama but this is serious and I felt that it was important to write this post. If you are involved in Facebook nail polish groups you have likely heard of the problems surrounding Mentality Nail Polish recently. There is so much information regarding what is going on that it's mind boggling. I will hit some of those high points in this post, but the main reason I am posting this is to make people aware of something that I think is huge and not being addressed at all. This issue has been going on for nearly a year. A YEAR. Not just a few months. I have photos (screenshots) I have taken from Instagram that will show this below.

This post is quite lengthy, but the information is so important. Please read all the way to the end, especially if you or anyone you know has purchased/used Mentality Nail Polish. Any updates will be added to the end of the post, along with the date of the update.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Girly Bits: Stardust (by EhmKay Nails) - Swatches and Review

Good morning (or afternoon or evening, depending on where you live), everyone! Today I have another upcoming release from Girly Bits to show you! This one was the brain child of a friend of mine, Michelle over at EhmKay Nails (click on her blog name to see her post on this polish!), and I have to say she and Pam came up with a beautiful and unique polish!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Girly Bits: What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Snapchat - Swatches and Review

Hello, lovelies! I am working my way through all the beauties I have to show you from Vegas (slowly, unfortunately, but I will get to all of them!) and I am excited to show you this one because you will be able to purchase it very soon! Pam from Girly Bits has released "What Happens in Vegas..." limited edition polishes the past 2 years and is continuing the tradition with another beauty this year! This is What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Snapchat!


Monday, August 17, 2015

ILNP: So Coral - Swatches and Review

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I have a searing neon to match the weather lately. And what a lovely neon it is! ILNP: So Coral.


Friday, August 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Food: French Fries

Good morning and happy Friday! For the final day of Food Week with The Digit-al Dozen we decided to serve up a whole day of meals, diner style! So head on over to our diner for a relaxing Friday!

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