Thursday, November 3, 2016

Indie Spotlight: 6 Harts Polish

Hello! A small group of blogging friends decided to get together once a month and spotlight indies that we love. These may be smaller brands that don't get a lot of attention, but they deserve a lot of love! We have chosen 6 Harts to kick off the first Indie Spotlight! I'm featuring two polishes today: Bad, Bad Lulu Brown and Bat Crap Crazy. I have had both of these polishes for 2-3 years and there is no fading or issues at all - still like the day I got them!

My replacement camera hasn't arrived yet, so these photos were taken with my phone. They don't do these polishes justice!

I started this gradient with a base of Bad, Bad Lulu Brown. If you've been following me long you know cremes are my favorite. The formula on this one is perfect - it is smooth and creamy and opaque in 2 coats! It reminds me of a melted Hershey's chocolate.



I then added Bat Crap Crazy on the tips using a sponge. I was going to show this one on its own as well, but my phone just couldn't do it justice. I will have to take some pics of it when I'm back in action! It is a gorgeous deep brown shimmer and so perfect for this time of year. (You can see full swatches of it here, courtesy of Pointless Cafe.)

Artificial lighting


These are just 2 of the great offerings from Courtney. She also has cuticle oils that I love. They are lightly scented, which is what I prefer because of my scent issues. But, more importantly, they make my cuticles happy! If you haven't tried 6 Harts, I suggest taking a look around her shop. :) Make sure you check out the other ladies' posts below and check out 6 Harts at the following links!


Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



  1. I'm going to have to pull out my Bat Crap Crazy (and Blow Me A Raspberry) because it's been too long since I've worn them! Thanks for the beautiful photos to inspire me!


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