Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 Year Blogiversary!

Hello lovelies! It's October 11th and that means my little blog has been around for 5 years! I was planning on going all out this year and getting some amazing customs for a giveaway, but time got away from me! (It's a sneaky little bugger.) So, instead some amazing indie makers offered to give coupon codes to my readers! 

I never would have imagined when I created my blog 5 years ago that it would grow into what it has today. One of the things I am most proud of is how my nail art has grown in recent years. Prior to blogging I would just say "I'm not talented, I can't do that" but with a lot of practice I have improved by leaps and bounds. I am still not always 100% happy with my nail art but I enjoy it and it gives me a much needed creative outlet.

I have loved nail polish since I was a kid and it's great to have so many people to share this passion with. When I started this blog indies were just starting to make their way onto the scene. Now look at them! It's been amazing to see how the industry has grown and evolved over the last few years. Indie makers amaze me with their creativity and formulas - and especially their passion. So much goes into making polish that most of us know nothing about. I appreciate their passion and determination so we can have such gorgeous polishes on our tips! I can't wait to see what the indie community does in years to come! 

I've met some amazing people in the nail polish community, some of them I know will be friends for life.  It means so much to me and I can't wait to see what's next for my blog and the polish community as a whole. 

Now, let's get to the good stuff! I created coupons for each brand below and will also post the code underneath the image for easy copy and paste! Thank you so much to every maker who offered a code! 

Here they are in alphabetical order. All codes are good for a whole month and will expire on November 11th (which is the best day of the year because it's my birthday. ;) ).


Code: AshleyIsPolishAddicted5year


(The code IS valid for upcoming The 12 Collection! You can see my review here if you missed it!)

Code: aipa5bv

There are some amazing polishes and hand care items at these shops. Make sure to take advantage of the deals while you can!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing (and shopping)!



  1. Congrats Ashley!!
    I remember when you first started. Watching you evolve has been really enjoyable. Can only imagine what the future brings. Look forward to seeing more of your nail art. <3

  2. Congratulations! And what an amazing treat! Here's to 5 more!

  3. Congratulations! And what an amazing treat! Here's to 5 more!

  4. Congratulations on your 5th Blogiversary!!


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