Friday, September 23, 2016

31 Day Challenge: Day 21 - The Axe!

It's Friday!! And not only is it Friday, but I am getting ready to head up north to see a friend and enjoy some Autumn-like temps! I can't wait! I am also super excited to show you the mani I am wearing right now and tell you the story behind it!

Today's prompt in the 31 Day Challenge is "inspired by a color." This one can be a tricky theme. I was originally planning on doing an autumn-themed look inspired by, well, autumn! (Duh.) But then I received Paint Box Polish's upcoming collection for review. It is called "The 12 Collection" and is inspired by the 12th Doctor! They all look amazing in the bottles and I can't wait to show you proper swatches in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, here's a little preview...

The name of this polish is "Axe Fight." This scene is one of my favorite Capaldi scenes because it's so fun! Instead of coming out with an ax, he comes out - on a tank, no less - with an axe (electric guitar)! When I saw the name of this color and knew this prompt was my next one, I knew I had to do a mani inspired by THIS color! Creating the guitar was challenging but I am happy with it!

I was planning on doing another nail art look for the challenge after this one before I head out of town but I loved this one so much I decided to leave it on. I coordinated my right hand with a 12! I apologize for the awful picture of my right hand, I don't know how left-handed bloggers take photos of their right hand - the camera is all backwards!  (Do they make left-handed cameras? Not something you think about until you need it...)

And yes, my poor Cinderella hand is shorter than my left hand. She takes much more of a beating. 

This collection will launch October 15th and I should have swatches for you about a week before then!  In the meantime, check out Paint Box Polish at the links below! 

One more thing about Paint Box Polish - Pam makes my favorite cuticle oils and divine mani fizzes and has a ton of new scents out right now! Don't forget to use my code ADDICTED to save 15%! (I do not receive any compensation for you using this code. It is just a discount for my readers that never expires!)

Paint Box Polish links:

I will see you back in a few days and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!


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  1. EEP!! I love this so much I can't even fully explain it! You nailed it! XOXOXOXO


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