Friday, August 5, 2016

Darling Diva Polish: The Watch Your Pack Collection - Swatches and Review

Hello and Happy Friday! There's a storm moving in outside and I can't think of a more appropriate collection to tell you about on a "dark and stormy" night than one inspired by werewolves! The show Teen Wolf, to be more specific. This is the Watch Your Pack Collection from Darling Diva Polish and there are some frighteningly pretty polishes in it! Okay, I'll stop with trying to make the post have a spooky theme. I honestly haven't watched this show and don't know if it is spooky. I mean, it should be, because werewolves. Also, once the calendar hits August I'm SO ready for it to be Halloween. I know it's still more than two months away, but I want it NOW.

Now, let's get to the polishes!

This collection is made up of 8 polishes with a wide variety of colors and finishes. I love how diverse it is, there is bound to be something for everyone! The maker's descriptions will be in italics. I used one coat of Darling Diva Pryzmatic Top Coat for all photos.

I apologize for not having any photos in natural lighting. The sun has been sparse lately - yay for me but boo for swatching!


Up first is one of my favorites from this collection, Eye Candy. This polish is so sparkly!  It has both holo flakes and multichrome flakes that give it a really nice depth. I see shifts of pink, magenta, red, orange, green, purple and even a little yellow at times! It can be worn on its own in 3 coats but I chose to layer it over black so you could see all of the yummy ingredients a little better. One coat over a plain black creme in the photos below.

This polish is full of holographic flakies and multichrome flakies that flash pink to green. As with the series Teen Wolf, this polish is definitely eye candy. Think Derek style pretty but in polish form. Sparkle on Derek, sparkle on...


Blood, Teeth and Bromance is a squishy, vibrant blue with holo sparkle and green flakes. Even though this one is squishy and shiny like a jelly I only needed two coats for opacity. The formula was smooth and easy to work with.

I made this for the amazing bromance between Scott and Stiles. Its a thing of beauty, just like their friendship. Deep blue, with flakies and sparkle.


Tainted is a sky blue holo with added shimmer. This one is so delicate in person.  No problems with application and I used 2 coats for opacity. 

When a werewolf kills an innocent their eyes change to a brilliant blue. Queue to not get on their bad side I guess.


The Alpha is another favorite of mine, but does that really surprise anyone? I think not. This is an in-your-face red shimmer with subtle flakes. This one is just so pretty, I don't know any other way to say it. Haha It's a cool-toned red but the gold flakes add a bit of warmth and I think this one will look good on all skin tones.  I wore it as part of my mani while I was in Vegas this year and it lasted a whole week without any chips! 2 coats for opacity and no issues with application.

This is a deep red shimmeryish polish with added golden holo sparkle and gold flakies. There is a little shift in the flakies but the red is the main player here. Be dominate and kick some ass with this on!


The Hot Kitsune is a pale gold holo. I am not usually a fan of gold - and have a hard time pulling it off due to my skin tone - but this one is a really nice shade that I think will be flattering on a lot of people. The formula was great and I used 2 coats. 

Carrying around the spirit of a kitsune is hard work. One that fires electricity? Damn girl!!! This holo gold polish would sure captivate that naughty kitsune spirit long enough to oh say, have lunch with your hot werewolf boyfriend.


The Healer is another one of my favorites from the collex. It is a beautiful forest green with a soft holo. This is my favorite type of holo and this color is just beautiful! I used 2 coats and had no issues with the formula. 

Every werewolf needs that special Veterina....sorry Druid healer who can take care of your boo-boos. You can gift your favorite healer with this blackened green shimmery soft holo perfect for traipsing around the forest gathering all those druidy things that are needed to heal your wolfie:)


The Screamer is a beautiful shade, but I have to apologize for how it looks on me. This shade never looks good on me and gives me "lobster hands." It is a pale green-leaning aqua with pink/purple and gold shimmer. This one was on the sheer side to allow the shimmer to shine through. I used 4 thin coats but you could probably get it opaque in 3 if you have a heavier hand. I can't wait to see this one on my mom because her skin tone is different than mine by just enough to make a huge difference with colors like these. It's a shame I can't show it off to its full potential.

If you were a socialite banshee haute couture as well as longevity in your polish would be a must. Something subtle but with spark. This super pale teal shimmer polish is just the thing Lydia would reach for.


And now for my #1 favorite polish from the collection! The Huntress is a vampy deep purple that I feel is best described as a raisin color. It is deep purple but with brown undertones. There is gold and holo shimmer but it's not overpowering. I put this on and gasped. It is one I will definitely be getting a backup (or two) of! It was opaque in 2 coats and the formula was smooth and easy. 

Imagine you are out hunting whatever monster is threatening your family..........and you look down at your nails as you pull back your arrow and catch sight of this gorgeous deep blackened purple polish full of gold flakes and holo gold shimmer and are wowwed by the gorgeousness of your nails in the moonlight. Would you miss?

What do you think? Favorites? I've already told you all of mine! These are available for purchase now so don't delay! This is a one-pour collection so once they're gone, they're gone. 

Check out Darling Diva at the links below!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



  1. Love this entire collection, and they all look amazing on you! I think that my favorites are Huntress and The Alpha!

  2. I seriously loved this collection!


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