Monday, January 25, 2016

Paint Box Polish: Love's Keen Sting and Mani Fizz Valentine's Day LE Set - Swatches and Review

Hello! I have a gorgeous polish and mani fizz set to show you today! This trio (one polish and two mani fizzes) from Paint Box Polish is just perfect for Valentine's Day. The polish, Love's Keen Sting, is a red-violet blingfest and the two mani fizzes that come with it will make your hands so smooth and soft!

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Before I show you the swatches, let me tell you a little bit about the set. The trio consists of Love's Keen Sting plus two mani fizzes - Love Bites (heart shaped) and Strawberries and Champagne (see photo below).
Strawberries and Champagne (left) and Love Bites (right) mani fizzes
(Photo courtesy of Paint Box Polish)

Pam recently introduced Plain Jane mani fizzes to her shop. These are free of dyes and scents for those who are sensitive! If you've been following me very long you may know that I have a very sensitive nose. Typically fruit scents don't bother me, but other scents do usually bother me so Pam graciously offered to include Plain Jane for me to try with this set. I am hoping to do that later today (I am in bad need of a mani!), and will post the video of it in action on Instagram so you can see that they work just as well as the original version.

Paint Box Polish Love's Keen Sting, Strawberries and Champagne mani fizz (bottom left) and Plain Jane mani fizz (right).

Now, let's get to the polish! Love's Keen Sting, which is a Harry Potter reference for all of my fellow Potterheads, is a red violet shimmer packed with silver holographic micro-glitter. The shimmer is a gold, but given the color of the polish it almost has a rose gold sheen to it. Love! The formula was smooth and easy to work with. It was opaque in just 2 coats and I'm showing it using one coat of top coat.

Artificial lighting






Isn't it gorgeous?! Do you remember the scene this is referencing in Harry Potter? If not, I suggest you watch The Half-Blood Prince again!

RIP Alan Rickman :(

This trio is on sale now and is limited edition so don't delay if you want it! You get all three items for $12.50, such a great price! And if you use my 15% off coupon code it's even more of a steal!

*Use code ADDICTED to save 15% on your order! This code never expires.*

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Thanks for reading and happy polishing!


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