Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Guest Post: Kim from The Ides of Polish

Hello everyone! I am visiting my family in Oklahoma this week so some lovely bloggers have stepped in with fabulous guest posts for you while I'm away!  Stay tuned all week and show them some love! I also have a brand new collection post scheduled for Thursday, you won't want to miss it!

Today I have a guest who lives in one of the best places ever - England! She is from New York and visits her family in the states often, so she has the best of both worlds! Kim posts often on her Facebook page. She posts manis often and also shares some beautiful scenery photos. I highly suggest giving her a follow if you don't already!


Hello! I'm Kim from The Ides of Polish. I'm really excited to help out Ashley with a guest post while she's helping out her family. I've know Ashley for several years and I know she LOVES Autumn colors, so I thought that this dotticure would be right up her alley. Instead of going through all my polish, I decided to just stick with one brand and since I have a lot of Illamasqua in many different colors, I thought that would be my best bet! I've used all these colors: Alarm, Aorta, bacterium, Charisma, Faithful, Insanity, Melange, Radium, Self, Stagnate (base color) and Whack. Base coat is Pure Ice Bottom Line and top coat is Pure Ice Girl On The Run (2 coats and in second and third pictures). Hope you like this dotticure!

I don't tend to post very often on my blog any more but I do post a few times a week on my Facebook page, so go check me out over there! 


Kim is right, I love me some Autumn colors! This was such a fun mani! Thanks, Kim! Make sure you check out her Facebook page below!



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