Monday, October 12, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Autumn: Day 1 - Autumn Colors and Branches

It's a brand new Digit-al Dozen Week and this week our theme is Autumn! I love autumn, it is my favorite season. That being said, I don't really have autumn here. It was 102 degrees today in AZ, and will continue to hit triple digits all week. I decorate for autumn and enjoy the cool (for here) mornings, but I know it's not the same as living somewhere with 4 seasons and gorgeous changing leaves. I hope I get to live somewhere with 4 seasons some day, but until then I will pretend.

My mani today was created from the perspective of standing under trees and looking up where the leaves are changing above. I wasn't sure I loved it when I finished it, but it has grown on me today as I've worn it!

I created the base of this mani by sponging on several different colors - too many to name LOL - in order to get the effect I was going for. I then added the branches using brown acrylic paint.

Make sure to check out all of the other amazing manis below, including the introductory mani from a brand new Digit-al Dozen member, Mina from Cubbiful!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



  1. Awww, thanks for the intro, sweetie <3
    Really liked these and when I read the bit about 'under the tree', I could totally see it!

    ps. don't worry too much about the whole 4 seasons thing - just think you don't get surprise rain showers as often haha ;)

  2. Very very pretty! I totally see your inspiration here and I LOVE it!

  3. That base is gorgeous! Love the inspiration!

  4. Looove that sparkly base! So pretty!


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