Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spooky Trees

Hello! Today is the first day of October and I could not wait to post some Halloween nail art! This mani isn't blatantly "Halloween" but it was definitely created in the spooky spirit of the season! The inspiration for this nail art was found in quite an unusual place so keep reading to find out more!

The inspiration for this mani came from, of all places, and episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. My nephew was watching it and I saw the setting and thought "that would make an awesome mani!" - so I attempted to re-create it. You can see a screenshot of the episode below.

I'm not 100% happy with this. I worked really hard to get the background perfect and then wound up covering up most of it! I wish I had made the trees a little smaller. But, overall, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

To create the background I used several polishes (I will list below) as well as acrylic paint. I used acrylic paint to create the trees and one my fast dry top coat was dry I topped it with a coat of Dance Legend Satin top coat (which is actually matte, as you can see).

Polishes used:
Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu
Elevation Polish Storm in the Morning Light
Elevation Polish Puncak Jaya
Elevation Polish Iceberg Lake
Girly Bits Elephant Shoe
Girly Bits What the Deuce?
China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle
China Glaze Aquadelic

I can't wait to create more Halloween nail art! There are also several collections I have to show you so hopefully I will see you again soon!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!


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