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Mentality Nail Polish: There's More to the Story

It has been a busy and drama-filled weekend in the nail community. I am not one to get involved in drama but this is serious and I felt that it was important to write this post. If you are involved in Facebook nail polish groups you have likely heard of the problems surrounding Mentality Nail Polish recently. There is so much information regarding what is going on that it's mind boggling. I will hit some of those high points in this post, but the main reason I am posting this is to make people aware of something that I think is huge and not being addressed at all. This issue has been going on for nearly a year. A YEAR. Not just a few months. I have photos (screenshots) I have taken from Instagram that will show this below.

This post is quite lengthy, but the information is so important. Please read all the way to the end, especially if you or anyone you know has purchased/used Mentality Nail Polish. Any updates will be added to the end of the post, along with the date of the update.

First, let's look at some of the things that most people are discussing, but you may not know if you're not involved in the rabbit hole that is Facebook nail polish groups. Mentality Nail Polish is causing some people's nails a lot of problems. Some people have experienced tingling or sensitivity after using the Mentality polishes in question, while many people are actually losing their nails due to the polish. Their nail beds are getting burned and their nails are literally lifting up from their nail bed. Let's just take a minute to process that and look at this photo below from someone who has actually experienced it. These are just two photos from one person affected, @dmm_nails on Instagram. If you look around social media you will be able to find many more affected.

I will touch a little on how Mentality has handled (or rather NOT handled) this severe problem. Mentality was notified by a few of their swatchers in the middle of June that there was an issue with these polishes and that their nails were having these same effects. Mentality said nothing and continued selling these polishes. More people were affected (obviously, since they were selling bad products, and knowingly doing so), and after it started gaining some momentum on social media they made a vague post regarding it on Instagram, buried under a photo that said "thank you" and ended that post with a sale code. A sale code for polishes that could make my nails fall off? No thanks. 

They have not made any attempt to email customers who may have been affected. They have only acknowledged very briefly in social media posts that were very quickly buried with sales posts. This morning they posted this insulting Facebook status, which they buried shortly after with this 50% off sale post (screenshot of the Instagram sales post below). So, just to recap their posts today, they are no longer offering ANY compensation for those who have been affected. Those whose nails are falling off and their skin is burned because of their polishes. They just don't have time. Yet, the very next post they make is a sale post and they say there will be no delay in shipping?? They should have STOPPED production on anything new to handle their issues and get proper testing done to figure out the problem. As it stands now they are just "assuming" it is a new polish base they were using at the time. 

But it gets better. Not only are they no longer accepting any new "claims" of damage, they are claiming they are being "bullied" on the internet to get out of refunding PayPal disputes. Below is a screenshot from a claim that someone gave me permission to use. She filed a PayPal dispute trying to get a refund for her polishes that she purchased during the time Mentality has stated they were using the "bad base." 

As you can see, Mentality is trying to get out of paying by stating that she is involved in an "internet bullying campaign" and stated that she has not contacted them prior to the claim. But, she has emails dating back to July 24th, and not just one, but a whole thread!

So let all that process a minute. Mentality knew their product was causing bodily harm to people and continued to sell it for weeks. Instead of recalling all products sold during that time and suspending production and figuring out the problem, they are attempting to sweep this under the rug. Now they are straight out calling people bullies and liars when all they are trying to do is get a refund for polish that is known to cause people's nails to potentially fall off??

One more layer to the story has just come up while I've been writing this post. Mentality Nail Polish filed to become a corporation on June 29, 2015. Their swatchers notified them of the sensitivities in June. They did not notify the public (in the posts I mentioned above) until July 22nd. So, they were notified by multiple swatchers in June, filed for corporation so they couldn't be sued personally (or that was their thinking, I assume) on June 29th, then waited to tell anyone until July 22nd. You can see documentation from the State of California of that below.

Now, for the reason I actually decided to write the post today. Mentality claims they started using the new base in April 2015 and discontinued use in June 2015. They claim anything sold prior to April of this year (or after July of this year) is fine to use. Let's take a look at these screenshots from the Instagram account of @spilledmilknails.  Please note the oldest photo is dated "46 weeks ago."

If you go back and read the posts on @spilledmilknails account you can see she originally attributed the damage to using a lot of straight acetone, which she normally did not do. That's a normal assumption, it was a change and a harsh chemical. However, she has since figured out that it was due to Mentality's polishes and says so on @dmm_nails's posts (the other user we saw earlier). Please see the photos below, the comments were under this photo posted by @dmm_nails.

You can see in those screenshots that @spilledmilknails (who is a swatcher for Mentailty, and if you scroll through her Instagram you can see it is the main brand she uses) states that she had damage of the same kind in September of last year. September 2014. Due to Mentality polishes (because she states that MNP - Mentality Nail Polish - is making good on it). If that's true, this issue is much older than anyone realizes and Mentality also knew about it being a much older problem than just April of this year. Which also makes you wonder about their claim of a "new, bad base." 

There is honestly a lot more going on than even I posted about. I chose the things I thought were most pertinent and the things that weren't being discussed (mostly how this problem goes back much farther than most people know). Everything I posted is fact and can be found through social media. You can read Mentality's posts on Instagram and Facebook and see how they are NOT handling this very serious problem. 

I also wanted to take a quick minute to say if you are new to indie nail polish, this is NOT the norm. I have worked with many indie brands and, over the years, have gotten to know many of the makers pretty well. They are responsible business owners who take issues seriously. Many of them have recalled/refunded polishes for minor issues such as fading or sinking glitter. For something that is causing people bodily harm not to be taken seriously is just unfathomable and why I felt I needed to share this with you. They are the exception and not the rule. Definitely the "bad apple" of the indie community.


UPDATE 8/24/15 

Hello again, everyone. I was not planning on updating this post but so many things have come to light since I wrote this post that I felt like I should update. The reason I am updating is to potentially reach anyone who may still be unaware of the issues, and so all pertinent information is here for anyone who finds this post to read. One follower of mine on Instagram posted this last night (2 screenshots below), and while I was so sad for her, I was relieved that she saw the posts and figured out what was causing the pain she was having.

I also want to point out that she purchased her polish from someone other than Mentality. This is another concern, that people will purchase bad bottles unknowingly and wind up with the same damage. If you have any bottles that you would not risk using, even if they are not within the "time frame" that Mentality has given (I personally would not use anything of theirs no matter when it was purchased), please dispose of them rather than selling them. You can find information on how to properly dispose nail polish here.

As I stated in the original portion of the blog post, Mentality is claiming the cause of these issues is a base made by a company called Arminex. Arminex is a company based in the United States and they own many reputable companies including, but not limited to, Nubar, Seche and Diamont. You can see more information on this here and here. Those are huge brands and all of the products made by Arminex or any of its subsidiaries would have to go through FDA approval. Please see the next three screenshots (all from this post on Mentality's Facebook page, which I will talk about in a minute). I couldn't get a photo of the comment she was replying to because Mentality had already deleted it. Yeah, they are doing that too. 

Let me clear up any confusion you may have since all of the comments aren't in these screenshots. They did not get the Arminex base tested, they just "assumed" that is what was causing the problems. (Meaning they blamed a reputable company whose products are tested by the FDA with absolutely no proof whatsoever.) They claimed it was too expensive to have the base tested. Mike Levine, in comments above, is a chemist. I'm not a chemist and know very little about creating nail polish or nail polish base, but Mike sure seems to know what he's talking about. I do know the only reason you would ever need to "de-gas" something is if you are making it yourself, as Mike states in the third screenshot. So, Mentality just confirmed (I'm sure without realizing it) that they are making their own base. 

Also, there is this post that Danny made on his personal Facebook (it is a public post so anyone can see it, there's no privacy violation) from January stating that they can now import things from China. As far as I know, there are no regulations in place in China as there are in other countries. I do know that they require products sold there to be tested on animals, but I am not sure what type of regulations they put on products made in China. I don't want to paint China with a broad, dirty brush, but I don't believe most makers are willing to use products from China. 

Another issue in this mess is that they are claiming they don't have enough money to test the base (which Chemist Mike pointed out really isn't that expensive if you know what you're looking for). Businesses should have money in savings for any type of emergency or incidental that might arise. They are also claiming they don't have money for insurance. (See below.)

Insurance is not that expensive. You can get a business liability policy for $1 million for around $300-400 per year here in the US. If their customer base is "as big as a small city" (see below), then they should have no problem being able to pay for insurance, which is something that every business needs. 

The screenshot above was taken from this Mentality Facebook status that I also shared in the original post. I do encourage you to read it in its entirety so you can see exactly how condescending and snide Danny from Mentality is behaving. There is absolutely no care or concern for all the pain and damage this product has caused. (I do have screenshots of the entire post in case they end up deleting it as well.)

One last thing for today. Danny, one half of Mentality, has been making a lot of posts via social media. One in particular that sticks out is this one from last night where he fired all of Mentality's swatchers. He only created this post after at least 3 of their swatchers had already resigned (Cosmetic Sanctuary, ErmahgerdPerlish and mgshel), and did not notify the others prior to making the Facebook post. The swatchers he fired are people who were still supporting him even though they are the ones who actually had experienced damage from the polishes. See screenshots below for one example. If he treats his loyal swatchers like this, ones who had stuck by him after their nails had been damaged and nail beds burned, it's pretty frightening to think how he thinks about the customers he doesn't know.

I want to show you one swatcher in particular, and will link blog posts of two others after this. @crutenberg (on Instagram), her real name is Charity, is one of the swatchers who had extreme damage to her nails because of Mentality. Even after that she supported them, even after they didn't deal with it properly she stuck by them. She also didn't post anything publicly about the damage until after customers started posting about it, that is what the post below is referencing. She was still posting #ilovementalitynailpolish (see screenshot below) last night. This was shortly before she was fired, via the Facebook post above.

On that same post, after many comments of her supporting Mentality, comes this comment...

As you can see, she was very shocked by her firing. As of right now she has not posted anything else regarding Mentality. I have a screenshot of the comment she made on the post where she was fired (that was removed right before she was blocked).  Also, more proof of deleted comments by Mentality above Charity's comment.

Another of Mentality swatchers who was initially supportive, even after the polishes damaged her nails, is @spilledmilknails (she is one of the ones I mentioned in the original portion of this blog post). Below is an updated post from her.

She is a bit more quiet on the topic, but she is the first documented person to be affected by Mentality's polishes. You can read her story in her blog post.

One other Mentality swatcher who was a supporter, but whose nails were not affected by their polishes, is Betty's Beauty Bombs. Please read all the way to the end of her blog post as she updated it until she finally realized there was no defending these people or their actions anymore.

I just want to reiterate my comments from yesterday that this is not the norm for indie polish companies. The makers I have worked with for the last 4 years, and there are many, are responsible business owners. They test their polishes and ingredients for months, in some cases I've even seen a year or more of testing, before anything is ever sent to bloggers or sold to the public. I really hope that one bad apple doesn't ruin the whole community. 


UPDATE 8/27/15 

Hello again. More information has come out over the last few days that I will update you guys with. But more than that, with this update I am hoping to try and bring people's attention back to what the issue really is here. Over the course of the week I have seen this topic in social media go from being outraged for the victims to turning it into making fun of Danny, one half of Mentality. I understand he has made some absurd statements on social media, but I have seen people making fun of where he lives and all sorts of things that just do not matter. It does not matter where they live or how many kids they have. This is about them selling products that caused people harm. Not just ugly nails but painful nails, and emotional pain as well. I have some updates on people who I've already posted about, as well as some stories that you may not have seen yet. So, let's get to it.

First, Mentality has issued a couple of new Facebook posts. First, this one, where t
hey continued to blame Arminex in the very status on which they posted screen shots of the Cease and Desist letter. (Photos of the C&D letter were also posted. I have screenshots of those if they remove their post at a later date.)

They violated the C&D letter in the very same status they that they posted it in. They are also going to be asking people to send back polishes. Really? So, they will not help the customers that they harmed, but they expect them to send stuff to them to help them (which will in turn destroy any evidence these people have).
Next came this status where they seem to have changed their story about the Arminex base to some sort of implication about it being connected to gel products. 

Then, in this status, they are now saying that the affected batches are from April 2014 - June 2015. Prior to this everything they had stated (screenshots above included) was April 2015 - July 2015. They just admitted to a whole extra year of bad polishes than what they previously stated. 

This story has been getting quite a bit of media coverage from pretty well-known sites including Nail It MagazineRefinery29, Seventeen Magazine and Jezebel (warning: strong language) to name a few.  This has been both positive and negative. It's wonderful that the news is spreading so that more people become aware not to use or purchase from Mentality. However, the articles do not paint indies, in general, in a good light at all. Take this excerpt from the Jezebel article for instance:

First off, there is no confusion when referring to testing polishes prior to release, and that does not include inadvertently wearing them on your clothing. I have been using indies for over 4 years and have been blogging about them for almost 4 years. In that time I have gotten to know many of the makers personally, and have seen some of their facilities in person. They are very professional and their customers' safety and the quality of the product they put out is their #1 concern. They test their ingredients and polishes for months, and sometimes up to a year, before releasing them. I have seen them issue full recalls (including refunds or replacements) for minor issues such as fading pigments or curling glitter (which sometimes do not happen until a year or more after released). These occurrences are very rare and indies are not the only polishes with these issues. As one example, OPI has released not one, but two, polishes with curling glitters (When Monkeys Fly and I Reached My Gold, which were ironically identical.) What happened with Mentality is not an issue with indies, it is just an issue with Mentality.

One of my readers, who wished to remain anonymous, emailed me the following screenshots from @nailsandtrees on Instagram. Note in the last screenshot Mentality refers to the damage as a "chemical burn" instead of "sensitivity," which is what they have been calling it on social media. 

As the last part of my update today I want to try to touch on what I mentioned earlier. I think a lot of the actual issue of the pain and suffering these victims went through is getting forgotten, lost in the drama. I have some photos and statements from several victims below. Some may make you cry, others may make you cringe, but I think this is important. In all of this mess, all the suffering that Mentality caused these people, they have not apologized at all. This would admit they did something wrong, which they refuse to do.

First I am going to revisit two people I have referenced in earlier portions of this post. Amy from @spilledmilknails had the following account and photo (quotes were used with permission, but were part of a conversation so if they seem choppy, that is why):

I went to the dr several times. They were mystified but said it appeared to be chemical burns. I also ended up with several infections. Ripping my thumb nail off down to the bottom right corner of the cuticle (basically the entire nail bed) and went to the dr then too.

The first day my nails started lifting and fluid started leaking out - I ran to the clinic and they cultured the fluid coming out. It wasn't fungal it was bacterial. I have NO idea how bacteria got under my sealed nail. All 10 of them? And it was not a very common strain of bacteria for where it was.

It actually did hurt quite a bit. I tore off my thumb nail - all the way beyond the cuticle it was hanging on my one corner on my finger on a date with my husband back in Dec? Because my nails were so lifted, my finger slipped while eating crab and riiiiiip. It was all painful but that one - that hurt SO bad. I felt like my hands were falling apart. :I"

Photo courtesy of Amy at @spilledmilknails

Next is Charity from @crutenberg (you can read her full and updated post on her nails and her feelings on the situation here). She shares her photos of the experiment she did on herself to figure out if these polishes were really the cause of her nail problems. She wore Mentality exclusively on her right hand for two weeks, and no Mentality on the left hand. Then she switched the next two weeks and wore Mentality only on her left hand and no Mentality on the right. Below is a quote from her and her photos over the course of three months.

he reason for the band aid in my only on the June pic is because I jammed my nail into the arm of the recliner and it broke all the way down by the cuticle. It came off a week later because it was only hanging on by a corner."

Next is Leesha (@4leesha on Instagram, you can see her post on her nails here) who wound up with a staph infection and fungus, in addition to the onchylosis:

"I have been to the doctor. It started with oozing, bleeding blisters under each nail as nail started to detach. Tests showed I had a staph infection under each nail and onchylosis. I'll attach a pic. Took antibiotics and infection healed, came back, took more antibiotics and healed again. It's been going on about 5-6 months."

Lastly for today I have a story that really touched me. She preferred to stay anonymous but I felt her story was important because she only used the polish ONE TIME before she started having a reaction. Most people have noticed the problems after multiple uses or days, but this reaction after one day just blew me away.

"I don't own a smartphone, so I realize they are not ultra quality, but I don't really care to display my nails to begin with, they are expressly embarrassing - I didn't want anyone to think there was only an isolated case or two - The polish I purchased and wore for one day, was called "Wreck", that is a beautiful irony in a horrendously ugly situation - It is now over four months later, excruciating pain has subsided with only occasional sensitivity, they are weak and bend like the sheets of aluminum a foley artists use to create the sound of thunder - They may appear filthy, but I assure you they are scrubbed & clean as a whistle, they just have a sickly, unhealthy pallor as well as some mutant blotches and see-through tips - I never received one notification about this, I am rarely on social media, but only this week did I find out what I had suspected was true due to the very fact that a blogger, The Girlie Tomboy, cared enough to inform & warn readers - Since finding out, I have done tons of research, each bit appearing more hopeless and scary for my hope to heal my nails, but it is less terrifying than the fear I felt when I was left in the dark, ignorant and left to the conclusion I had spontaneously developed some wasting-away disease - I had never tried this company before, I saw some swatches on a couple blogs, read about them, the color looked pretty, I gave it a try, I blame myself for this - I am not susceptible, I have never had an allergic reaction to anything, let alone nail polish - This is also the only bad experience I have had with any indie brands - I love the idea of supporting smaller/independent creative artists, I like the entrepreneurial spirit and I think the products they come up with are so fun, they make my day - And that is the point of bold, vibrant, bright and sparkly, to bring you joy - To have known this was hazardous and to have said nothing, to not have the simple decency, is unacceptable - It does not cause "panic", it quells it - Not only do people have a right to know, but knowledge is power and it serves no cause to remain ignorant, but it can help to soothe your terror over what could possibly be happening to you - To continue to sell it, decry others as "bullies" to sensationally divert attention from the truth, to paint themselves as "victims", that is unforgivable, and borders on inhumane - I have filed with the FDA, MedWatch, and PayPal, though they may keep my six bucks, I would trade it all and a bag of magic beans to find out how to heal my nails, which were absolutely fine & healthy before this - I have written to customer service and received no reply from Mentality Nail Polish, I did however comment on their facebook page and was promptly banned - I didn't know a thing about this for four months, other than my own personal experience, and I doubt I am that special to be the last one out there without a clue - I have seen no defense whatsoever from them, a lot of delusional puffery and bravado as if we had all descended to take them down in a steel cage match, mega disrespect, and most of all a pathology of a very sick, twisted behavior that would rather flaunt their disregard for anything other than the bottom line, rather than.. if not having taken the steps beforehand to guarantee something like this could never happen on their watch.. to just own up to their mistakes and try everything in their power to assist people and attempt to make something right come out of something so very, very wrong. ‪#‎MENTALITYPOISON‬"


UPDATE 8/28/15

I was contacted by another former Mentality blogger this morning, Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity. She was also affected by the polishes, though thankfully it did not affect all of her nails. You can read her entire story here.

I received an email from a reader today who asked to remain anonymous. This exchange took place starting May 11th, 2015. That is over one month before any of the (former) Mentality bloggers reported their issues to Danny and Hillary. Also included is a photo of her nails a few weeks after exposure. The exchange is a little lengthy but there is one important thing I want to discuss after you read it. I considered only posting the "important" part, but wanted to include the entire exchange so it was not altered in any way.

Note in the next to last image, in Danny's response, he mentions it looks like a chemical burn, and also mentions onycholysis. Then tries to divert attention away from their polish and onto other possibilities. The fact that they already knew about the possibility of this issue prior to the bloggers notifying them just adds another layer to the betrayal.

I hope anyone affected learns the truth and heals as quickly as possible. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. 

I have some information below about how to properly dispose of your Mentality polishes.
*If you are one of the victims who experienced burns and nail damage due to using Mentality polishes, please do not dispose of your polishes without seeking legal counsel. You may need these at a later date for evidence.

~ If you have Mentality polishes you would like to dispose of, please do not toss them in the trash or let them dry out prior to throwing away. (It has been said by a few chemists that since the ingredients are unknown it may not be safe to breathe in the fumes.) You can visit this link to find a hazardous waste disposal center near you. 

~ Another option for disposal of your polishes - Zoya must have found out what was going on because they decided to run their Polish Exchange (for more information you can visit my post) that they usually only have for Earth Day. This promo will run until September 12th.

~ And one last option - Wicked Polish is offering to replace your Mentalitys with polishes from her brand (how sweet is that?!) if you send her a photo and proof that you disposed of them properly. You can find more about that on her Instagram post.

If you have been affected by these polishes, please seek medical attention and report your problems to the FDA, at this link. You can also contact me at if you would like more information about others who were injured.

If anyone has news or documentation that has not been made public, please email me at If you prefer to stay anonymous I completely understand, but the more facts we have as a community, the better it is for all of us.



  1. This is a outstanding post! You have put a lot of research and back up your details with verified facts. Thank you for your efforts to make sure the public knows about this, I will be sharing!

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  8. Thank you!! Such a well written and excellent post!

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  18. WOW... someone just informed me about Spilled Milk, today, as well.. this is absolutely mind boggling!!! :(

  19. as a polish maker I would like to thank you for mentioning that THIS IS NOT THE NORM!!!!!! it certainley is not, and many posters are forgetting to mention that one MAJOR detail

  20. Excellent and concise article, thank you, Ashley - I literally just found out about this today - I suffered excruciating pain, the likes of which I have never experienced before, I thought I was dying - It has subsided but my nails have not recovered, it has been four months now and they still have odd blotches, major discoloration, are weak, brittle, weird texture, bend, nail tips are misshapen and they appear incredibly unhealthy - I never received an e-mail or any notification about this, I rarely get on social media, which is why I only read a blog post about this today and after doing research for hours, have found out as much as I can - I think it is outrageous not to contact your consumers to apprise them of a problem, let alone to keep on selling it - All the background frenetic shuffle now appears as a coverup and I couldn't care less about a refund, I just want my nails to heal and be healthy again and I cannot find any info on whether this will be possible - I never thought it could be the result of a nail polish, I was having so much fun trying new independent brands, I feel like a moron for basically doing this to myself, my nails appear poisoned - Thank you for speaking up.

    1. gg, You did nothing wrong, this was all on Mentality. I have so many different brands of polish, and a huge chunk of them are indies. Most brands are responsible and reputable businesses and test their products for many months to even a year prior to releasing them to the public. The indie community as a whole has a huge heart and bend over backwards to take care of their customers. I am so very sorry for what you're going through. I have seen some of the others who have been affected (including the ones mentioned in my post) and they are healing, it's just a very slow process. I wish you all the best and hope you heal quickly.

    2. gg, polished pathology has a facebook post up where she recommends contacting the FDA - there are links in several places to find where to notify them of cosmetic toxicity. contacting the authorities is not only important for making sure that mentality doesn't continue to skate on by with this, but will also prompt the FDA to check into ingredients that may be sold to other suppliers also.

    3. Thank you so much, Ashley and Michelle, I greatly appreciate it!! I do realize that the majority of indies are actually quite wonderful, that has been my experience at least - I kind of love the idea of supporting smaller/independent creative artists, I like the entrepreneurial spirit and I think the products they come up with are so fun, can really make your day :-) I was reading all day yesterday and found the links, so I have already filed with the FDA and MedWatch and even PayPal, of which I would be happy to let them keep my six bucks, I just want to know how to heal my nails - Thank you for taking the time to offer such kind words :D

  21. Thank you for gathering all the facts.This makes me livid! How dare they claim bullying!!! I only have a few mentality polshes and they are going straight into the trash. I paint my 4yr old daughters nails regularly, she chooses her colors which are indies most of the time, because she has great taste (like her momma ;) ). If this had happened to my babys nails..MNP would need a bodyguard cause I would be coming for their heads.

    1. Edit to add. Going into the trash After I've let them dry up

    2. We have free "Toxic Dumps" in my city about twice a year. You can dispose of them safely and for free. Check out what your city/county offers.

    3. i didn't even think about kids.. i don't have children but if i did and that shit polish would destroy my baby's nails I would be going to prison because MNP would suffer greatly from my hands!! it makes me sick to my stomach that they won't admit fault.. i can legally see why, if they officially apologize then they are admitting guilt and fault and everyone can sue them.. But still. If you're not a chemist, don't take freaking shortcuts to 'better' your polish, if you don't know anything about the chemical composition!!! greedy people =(

  22. I owned 12 of the affected polishes (purchased April - June 2015), and just received replacements for them on Saturday, 8/22. I had significant peeling on one of my toenails after wearing one of the neon jelly holos, Drama, back in May or June. I have 44 Mentality polishes in my collection, and started comparing ingredients - between square and round bottles, and to the website ingredients list.

    Square bottles of yellow, black, and red opaque; coral, gray, and green glaze: The ingredients on these labels appear to match those of polishes labeled "3 free", all purchased between September 2013 and June 2014. These polishes contain camphor, which isn’t listed anywhere under the “current ingredients” list.

    Round bottles of red, yellow, and blue glaze; Gumdrop and Pastille: These ingredients match the list of ingredients for the “round screen printed bottle”, which means that these polishes were made with the same problematic base (albeit probably a different batch - they don’t smell like the affected polishes do). I received the glazes in 6/2014 in a Mentality giveaway, and purchased Gumdrop and Pastille on 7/2/2014. Gumdrop and Pastille both have labels stating "5 Free"; the glazes do not make any "free" statement on them. Based on this information, it seems that they switched to using the Arminex base around June/July 2014.

    Round bottles of Aung (purchased 6/2014), Demure and Betty (purchased 2/2014): Ingredients match the website’s square bottle ingredients for mattes. Aung's label says 5 free, while Demure and Betty both state 3 free.

    Square bottle of Panorama: Matched the ingredients listed on Mentality’s website for glass flecks and glitter; didn’t match any of the older Mentality polishes in my collection.

    Square bottles of white and neon red opaque, Drama, and Jolt: Matched the ingredients listed on Mentality’s website for cremes and holos.

    Thank you for putting all of this information out there! (Note: Cross posted this comment to The Mercurial Magpie)

  23. why is the woman not sharing with paypal her screen shots of emails, photos of what can happen to your nails and the statement they made earlier that pretty much read... we know our polish ruined your nails too bad too sad.... paypal would side with her for sure!!!

  24. I had issues with my nails my nails doing this last year, April 2014 ish. I assumed acetone had triggered some psoriasis issues but now, reading this post, it's made me wonder. At that time I started to buy a lot of Mentality, I almost have a helmer drawer full. I have had the same issues this year, but this time I know the cause is gel polish. My Mentality bottles are predominantly the round ones with the white paper labels, they don't have any ingredient listing on the bottles at all.

  25. I had issues with my nails my nails doing this last year, April 2014 ish. I assumed acetone had triggered some psoriasis issues but now, reading this post, it's made me wonder. At that time I started to buy a lot of Mentality, I almost have a helmer drawer full. I have had the same issues this year, but this time I know the cause is gel polish. My Mentality bottles are predominantly the round ones with the white paper labels, they don't have any ingredient listing on the bottles at all.

    1. That's interesting and very scary! Someone else told me they had similar nail issues about 2 years ago and they had also been using Mentality. It makes you wonder exactly how long this has been going on and what they are doing.

  26. It's made in China.

  27. Before buying anything online, always check that the website publishes their company address and a telephone number. Mentality Nails does neither and that should have been a big red flag that the business is not professional and does not want to be contacted (except by email and that means they can be anywhere in the world).

    In the USA, companies are allowed to sell cosmetics without any government testing. This allows potentially dangerous cosmetics to be sold by disreputable companies. Never buy cosmetics from companies that don't already have a good reputation or you face damaging your health and potentially high medical bills.

  28. It's illegal to sell cosmetics in the USA/Canada or Europe without a list of ingredients on the label. The label should also contain an address of the manufacturer, the country of manufacture and any safety and risk statements.

  29. They've posted another message on FB... I have no words!

    1. OMFG the absolute nerve!
      ~I am an athlete and a scholar~ more like "I am a narcissistic wanker who cares nothing about anyone but myself".

    2. They've also been deleting comments, including those of a professional chemist. He pointed out they meant "ultrasonic bath" not ultrasound equipment for degassing; but also that they shouldn't need to do that at all if they were buying in base and not mixing themselves.

  30. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you don'timd but I will be sharing this later on my Instagram and blog post. This is horrendous and I saw this on Facebook and just had to read what was going on. I am nailsbynemo on Instagram and rely appriciate this post. Thank you again.

  31. Very well written post! <3 I've followed this issue on social media but will make a blog post and link to you to share this to my readers too. The more people who knows the better.

  32. Excellent post! I am going to share this with my FB followers!

  33. They are going to get sued into oblivion.

  34. I am filing a claim with paypal once I go through my stash and find my mentality. I have 2 but one of them I can file a claim for. At first I thought I couldn't because he said only polishes from april until june, but then said it possibly wasn't only the neons that if your polish is 5 free or gloss it could be affected. He also stated he knew about this months before this all came to light and still continued to sell the polish as is. Took a screen shot of everything and now once I find my polish I am going to file my claim and ask for a refund. I am more than willing to send it back, but bothers me though is the fact that he is basically saying without actually saying it that if you made any negative comments on their page you won't be honored with a refund which I think is BS! I commented once with my opinion on the neons sale and they should have just sent out an email in the beginning to all customers and they wouldn't be in this situation. How can they not expect someone to leave negative comment after all the problems their polish has caused!

  35. You should include a link to the FDA page to file a complaint about adverse reactions to cosmetics: This should put them on the radar to getting shut down, because if nothing else, the fact that they're trying to offload potentially dangerous products to consumers without any concern for safety needs to be stopped.

    (sorry if this has gotten published multiple times. the comment section is glitching on me.)

  36. It looks like base contains a big amount of formaldehyde, much more than in treatments like Trind. There is one russian speaking blogger from polishaholics livejournal community said she had pain in her nails when used this polish and it's also same to formaldehyde contains.

    I think this polish needed in lab checking for formaldehyde concentration.

  37. I have filed 2 claims - it is very unfortunate that they are going through this and I was sympathetic with the owners, however after following all the things that have been written, i feel that he has missed a huge opportunity to make everything right. I was thinking about the new 17 bottles of polish that i have and will not touch (The 2 sales when i had no idea what was going on) and I will not give away in fear that may hurt someone else. The person that said he was a chemist made me think because I am not sure he "bought" the acid citric claim, specially since it was based on pure speculation on their part. I am now thinking about the actual facilities where the polish is made, how about shutting down the whole production get your place inspected, get your certificate of cleanliness, find out exactly where the problem is and STOP making the polish and fighting with customers. I think that is imperative to find the source of the problem. Those are the reasons why i finally made a claim against them. When i called Paypal (my account has been verified for at least 11 years) i mentioned to them the poor excuse they are giving saying things like "a group of women are bullying us" or something to that effect, I stated to Paypal I am not in any group of women who are bullying them I am my own person and I do believe I have a product that I will never going to use for fear of being hazardous to my health. We will see what happens. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  38. Thank you, and to all of the other amazing bloggers (Kirby, Anne, and whoever else I may be neglecting to mention) for keeping everyone constantly updated on this hot mess of a situation. I know that, by spreading this information, you all are helping so many of your readers who are still unaware of this complete lack of responsibility. I have said it before, and I'll continue to say it: I am SO grateful for this tight-knit community, and for knowing that everyone is watched out for! ♥

  39. Thank you for the continued coverage on this topic. I will be sharing it on my Facebook blog page and possibly on my blog tomorrow. I'm honestly astounded that so many bloggers stuck with Mentality through this. I understand not wanting to start a witch hunt, but as a blogger you have a responsibility to tell your readers the truth.

  40. Thank you for this well written and informative post. This whole situation is so frustrating. Why is this guy behaving like this?! I am so sorry for everyone who is involved and experienced this horrible damage.

  41. I've posted a couple of comments on your Facebook wall which I'll share here as well but first I wanted to let you know that my AVG detected Exploit Blackhate SEO from's blog so you might want to remove the active link or put up a warning.

    First, I'll start with the ingredients listed on his site. I noticed that the ingredient list is not to FDA standards as it lists "pigments" for the color rather than a complete list as required by the FDA. From Mentality's site: "All Polishes May Contain: titanium dioxide, pigment, mica, glitter, aluminum powder, and/or acetone. These are the pigments and glitters that we add to color our products. All have been approved for use in cosmetics."

    Compare that to Essie Fall Nail Polish Collection: "May contain: Mica, CI 77891 / Titanium Dioxide, CI 77163 / Bismuth Oxychloride, CI 15850 / Red 7 Lake, CI 77491, CI 77499 / Iron Oxides, CI 15850 / Red 6 Lake, CI 15880 / Red 34, CI 77266 / Black 2, CI 73360 / Red 30 Lake, CI 75170 / Guanine, CI 77000 / Aluminum Powder, CI 77007 / Ultramarines, CI 77510 / Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, CI 19140 / Yellow 5 Lake, CI 42090 / Blue 1 Lake."

    Notice that Essie lists all of the color pigments including the Color Index # (example CI 77510). Mentality does not list the pigments at all.

    Years ago I attended Cosmoprof North America Trade Show where I was able to have dinner with some very well known nail polish bloggers and manufacturers. One of the conversations we had was specifically about holo pigments and why companies like Layla couldn't produce more holo polishes. I was told by someone that there was only one (at the time) manufacturer of holo pigments which is why making holo polishes was difficult. The rumor was that SOME indie brands were using SpectraFlair which was rumored to be automotive pigments. Automotive pigments causes the same lift and separation of the nail and bed as seeing with the Mentality polishes. Now I'm not saying that Mentality's pigments are automotive pigments but we'll never know without an independent chemical analysis. What I am saying is that because Mentality does not list the pigments or the color index numbers there is no way to rule out non-cosmetic pigments being used knowingly or unknowningly by Mentality. It's also possible that the company they buy their pigments from is selling automotive pigments but again we'll never know and it's merely speculation from me. I have to doubt that it's the base since apparently the base in question is used by other companies - very well known companies at that - and there have been no reported issues from other companies. That leds me to wonder if it's the PIGMENTS and not the base causing the issue.

    1. Yeah the Arminex base could be a scapegoat. There is a reason why colorants are the only class of ingredients that the FDA has to inspect and pre-approve each raw material batch before any can be put on the market to sell to cosmetic manufacturers. The fact that Mentality is concealing the FD&C / D&C numbers of the colorants (and the 5-digit international Color Index numbers) on their label is a HUGE red flag. Likely they are using non-cosmetic pigments that are made for other industries, probably to get a leg up on other companies who play by the rules. From a color creation standpoint, it would give them an advantage to have a wider assortment of colorants to blend with if they choose to step outside the boundaries of what is legal. The only caveat is using non-approved colorants is venturing into territory where someone could get hurt. Neon pigments are an area by the way where there isn't a big assortment of approved colors to choose from, and most that are approved happen to be very unstable (the color shifts quickly when exposed to UV light), making it a challenge for most companies to make a wide assortment of neon shades of acceptable quality. Including non-approved neon pigments would make it a whole lot easier for any polish company to come up with many different unique neon shades. However these pigments couldn't be listed on the label if the company didn't want to make it obvious to the FDA that their pigments are noncompliant (should their products get inspected or reported of course). They're kind of going by mentality "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" but in this case it's not being up front on their label about all the colorants included in their formulas.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Last time I checked the USA regulations there was aluminum powder listed in the approved stuff for nail varnish. Spectraflair is aluminium powder!

      Please stop trying to change this into a bashing of SF as I have seen you doing all over Facebook.

  42. What a hot mess from beginning to end. Thank you for all your hard work in gathering all this info.

  43. In telling my husband about this whole fiasco, he put a few pieces of the puzzle together and said that maybe the reason they do not have product liability insurance, if indeed it is so affordable, is exactly because they really are making their own base as Mike the Chemist thinks. My husband guesses that insurance company regulations may require you to use a premade FDA-approved product in order to insure your product and company. So Mentality may be making their base in order to save money and, therefore, not be able to get the insurance. Of course this is all speculation on our part, as we don't live in California, nor are we experts on business and product insurance.

  44. Oh my god, the update!!! Atrocious!!! Thanks for your blog.

  45. Suggesting that ANY of their polishes not be used. Given the history, the dates cited by them and communicated about change in base may or may not be a accurate. Might be helpful to hold onto them however- at best they could be samples for any FDA inquiries and testing, or evidence in inevitable lawsuit.

  46. Great! Thanks for sharing this. I read over the article and I really love all the things. By the way, could we get a chance to cooperate on SNS/Blog? We’ll pay $.

  47. Thank you for this post! I just found out about all this yesterday and couldn't find anything on Mentality's social media. I know why now, they deleted everything! So again, thank you for writing this :) I have about 15 of their polishes and fortunately haven't had any reactions but I have only used 2 of them, the others are in my untried stash. I doubt if I'll be able to even file a claim because most of the polishes, I won in contests. Do you know if I can still file a report with the FDA if I don't have proof of purchase? I don't even want replacements (I wouldn't accept them if they offered) or even my money back from the ones that I did buy but I just want to help.

  48. Excellent post. Thanks for clearing so much up.

  49. This whole thing is horrific! I've only recently started to get into indie nail polish and I must say I'm scared to try new brands now. It isn't about the fact that they are indie (they could be mainstream for all I care) but the fact that it took almost a year - maybe longer - for this to become known to the general public! That's scary. I can understand why bloggers/swatchers don't want to accuse the polish company before being sure of what caused the problem, but they should mention potential sensitivity in their review to alert people. That way others can see they were not the only ones to have issues and the situation might have become known sooner. The fact that the majority of the Mentality reviews out there are positive is what scares me a lot. I base all my nail polish purchases on reviews and this whole debacle makes me very cautious. I'm not implying that all indies are bad, on the contrary, my experiences with the few indies I have tried have been very positive and I will continue to buy from them. But I will be very apprehensive about trying new brands. Hopefully this whole situation will encourage all good and responsible indie brands to list their ingredients as well as pigment CI's on their webpage in the future. I support indies and I hope the good ones don't lose business because of all this.

  50. The fact that they may have incorporated AFTER learning about the issues to save their personal assets, while potentially still selling the faulty products and not warning their customers is appalling. I also can't believe a corporation can produce and sell consumer goods without liability insurance... I mean even my cat sitter is insured and bonded! This is so, so sketchy.

  51. Not sure if you will get around to all the comments here, but about the de-gassing.

    I chatted to a Chemist about it, and this is what he had to say:
    There was a comment from Danny about degassing the base, there are several reasons why they would do this. There are also different ways to degass, and it was not mentioned which method was used.

    Degassing is often used to remove small bubbles. We have all seen nail polish that just seem to have small bubbles in them no matter what we do. Degassing is the solution to this problem.

    This can have been done due to the creation of small bubbles after they added the pigments to the base. Other indie makers don't seem to have needed it, but for some reason, the pigments Mentality Polish uses required them to degass.

    Vacuum degassing is another way to degass the nail polish.
    This is done adding gasses like CO2 and CaO, which are highly reactive, and creates CaCO3(a mineral).
    The rest should vaporize after this is done.

    If this (vacuum degassing) is done with heat, well that is a different story, as it can create all sorts of side reactions (including accelerating the decomposition of a pigment).

    From what I can see it has not been mentioned what gasses he is using for this process, but the above is the most likely scenario according to the chemist.

  52. BTW - those wanting to contact the FDA, I contacted my FDA contact who is out of town on vacation so instead I contacted someone she listed in her automated reply. He sent me the link to the contacts in the LA area and since Mentality is based out of Southern CA it's best to contact the FDA agents in that area.

    AZ and Southern CA

    Rosario Quintanilla Vior, Public Affairs Specialist
    (949) 608-4407
    FAX (949) 608-4456
    FDA – Los Angeles District Office
    19701 Fairchild
    Irvine, CA 92612-2445

    Laurel Eu, Public Affairs Specialist
    (818) 226-1856
    FAX (818) 226-1865
    FDA – Woodland Hills Resident Post
    21051 Warner Center Lane, Suite 200
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367

  53. I am a chemist who works in the cosmetic industry. Will say it's a good article but one thing that struck me is this statement: "all of the products made by Arminex or any of its subsidiaries would have to go through FDA approval"...
    I think you misunderstand the way cosmetic products are regulated in the US. We have government oversight of the industry where there is no "pre-market approval" of cosmetic products. All cosmetic companies who sell in the US are simply held liable to follow the rules of their own accord, kind of like the honor system. There is no process in place within the government where companies must register products with the FDA before selling them. FDA does not check to see if cosmetic products are in compliance with their rules before they are put on the market. Companies are left to their own devices, expected to follow the rules because if they don't and it becomes apparent, then the FDA can step in and do any of the following: fine them, seize their assets, shut down the company until it gets resolved, and/or mandate a recall.

    It says this right on the FDA website:
    "FDA's legal authority over cosmetics is different from our authority over other products we regulate, such as drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA premarket approval, with the exception of color additives. However, FDA can pursue enforcement action against products on the market that are not in compliance with the law, or against firms or individuals who violate the law."

    What are the rules you ask? Well also according to the website:
    "The FD&C Act prohibits the marketing of adulterated or misbranded cosmetics in interstate commerce.

    “Adulteration” refers to violations involving product composition--whether they result from ingredients, contaminants, processing, packaging, or shipping and handling. Under the FD&C Act, a cosmetic is adulterated if--

    "it bears or contains any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious to users under the conditions of use prescribed in the labeling thereof, or under conditions of use as are customary and usual"

    The most power you have to do anything if you don't want to wait for the FDA to effectively resolve the matter is file a class action lawsuit.

  54. Oh wow. You're most recently added photos of the damage definitely show the severity of it better than anywhere else. My heart goes out to all of those poor people affected by this. I hope beyond hope that they and their nails can recover as quickly as possible from this.

  55. Thank you for this update, you have provided needed information! Your attention to the facts and details is thorough, I trust you to post accurate and veriable data!

  56. This is an outstanding post, very thorough and informative. Hope you don't mind, I linked your blog on my blog post so that others can see it.

  57. These last few pictures make my heart hurt. And to see that Charity willingly put her own nails on the line for the company that she believed in, only to later be heartlessly fired, just goes to prove their complete lack of concern for everyone affected. Thank you so much for keeping this issue in the limelight!

  58. Anonymous "Wreck" said it all so eloquently. The pain and suffering these people have experienced is gut wrenching. I hope for their quick and complete recovery. The perpetrator will be sorted out justly. I wish I could put a cease and desist on him being allowed to manufacture a cosmetic or personal care product ever again.

    1. Yep. I hope he doesn't just try to get a different name and keep making polish. People will find him out though. I've seen it before.

    2. I noticed as of October 15th, he had listed a new line for sale on his Facebook, just wow

  59. Ashley, thanks so much for posting this very well researched post. I don't want to wish harm on anyone, but I do hope that a case is brought against this person and company in such a way that they can't harm others with cosmetics again.

  60. Anyone who was affected and/or has the polishes in question ahould definitely reach out to Doug Schoon. Do no dispose of them, he can test them properly! He is THE go to scientist in the nail industry.

  61. Anyone who was affected ahould reach out to Doug Schoon. Do not dispose of the polishes. Send them ro Doug and he can test them properly. He is the go to scientist in the nail industry.

  62. Thank you!!

    Such a well argued, researched and written post! This is truly TERRIFYING - and the whole issue puts indies in general in a very bad position, which is awful, but that's how public opinion works unfortunately.

    Amazing post!

  63. This is such an amazing well thought out and well written post. Thank you! I personally learned a lot from your attention to detail here.

  64. This looks like a clear case of MMA contamination. The nail beds burning, itching. The infections. The nail plate lifting.

    Methyl Methacrylate is extremely poisonous and was banned and barred by the FDA years ago . It's cheap , that's why it is used.

    I would say he is pissing about with his own home made base. There is no other way to explain the symptoms.

    MMA has a fruity smell and is extremely nasty to breathe in. I've seen this damage only once before. The symptoms match to MMA. He could be sued for this. Because I am telling you now. Not everyone's nails are going to grow out beautifully the way they did before.

    This can cause damage in the matrix of the nail as well as a split vertical nail plate (Which is evident in one of the photos and will continue to grow this way)

    This guy is a narcissistic, psychopathic man with such a grandiose sense of self he cannot see the wood for the trees. He does not know how to relate or to show empathy, because he has NONE

    I feel so terrible for you ladies. THank you for the warning!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I am in the same boat as a lot of ladies, I bought 3 bottles of mentality polish and did a lovely water marble with them. Within a few days the index finger nail began to hurt really bad. It lifted from the nail bed. I got in touch with mentality polish and they assured me they would replace the polish. It now November, they have blocked me from messaging them. I was not rude so why block communication? The worst part is my nail is not healing, it keeps lifting in the same place. I am thinking of seeing a lawyer.

  67. I am in the same boat as a lot of ladies, I bought 3 bottles of mentality polish and did a lovely water marble with them. Within a few days the index finger nail began to hurt really bad. It lifted from the nail bed. I got in touch with mentality polish and they assured me they would replace the polish. It now November, they have blocked me from messaging them. I was not rude so why block communication? The worst part is my nail is not healing, it keeps lifting in the same place. I am thinking of seeing a lawyer.

  68. I have been going crazy not knowing what was going on with my nails. My nails look horrible lifting ,bumps,ridges. I was using different product Out The Door and OPI nail polish. I am devastated how horrible they look. I don't even know if new nail will grow out normal. I am glad to finally know what the culprit is. What did you use to help new growth. This started in August this year. My 2 pinky nails are gone other will follow. I am sick about it.

  69. Thank you so much for posting this! I was unaware of the issue until I read this article. I applaud the stand you are taking and I plan to no longer use any Mentality polishes.

    Unrelated to my use of Mentality, I have experienced issues with not only fungus but even more serious, mold, and the lifting of my toenails. It is very possible for it to spread to your other nails and is very very difficult to resolve.

    There are far greater health issues involved than simply “appearance”. Anyone affected should definitely go see their Dermatologist for diagnosis and care.

    In my opinion, Mentality’s response is unforgivable, they owe their customers better treatment than what they did, not just morally but legally as well. This issue will not die down anytime soon for them.

  70. I found this post when googling Onycholysis and nail polish allergy!
    Although i have never used mentality polishes, and only used common garden variety ones like OPI, china glaze, maybelinne, Bourjois etc, this is exactly what has happened to my nails everytime i used nail poilsh over the last 15 years!
    It goes away if I stop wearing it, and the healthy nail grows out, but as soon as i put polish on, and wear it for a while, this is what happens!
    I had to work it our frommyself by trial and error, and went nail polish free for 3 years, before testing only on my toe nails.
    I wore nailpolish straight for about a month )only 2 applications that lasted, until i felt a pin prick pain in my big toe nails, took the polish off and saw the big air bubbles and discolouration under my toes nails :/ - however, my fingernails i kept unpolished were still perfect and thats when it clicked that the chemicals are doing it!
    I am going to try Acquarella, a 10 free polish and hope that works without damage!
    But seeing these pics of everyone else having a reaction from polish that looks exactly the same also confirmed it was chemical damage!
    I also get those blood splinters under the nails too and they bloody hurt!

    1. Just an update: I can use Acquerella nail polishes and my nails stay healthy.
      I trialled Zoya 5 free on my toes, and that gives them a chemical burn exactly as pictured here.
      So it seems now, the only nail polish I can use on the market now is Acquerella.
      I never have been able to narrow down the common ingredient in them all that causes the chemical burn.

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  72. @ashley I've just seen a facebook post on a group I belong to that Mentality are trying to come back O.o he's posted on Instagram, I've written a blog post and linked your above post, I hope you dont mind, I'm in the UK and will be tweeting my link so people are aware and do not buy this stuff. Dreadful man.

  73. Hi. What's the update on all this? I'm fairly new to the indie polish world, and wow, what a terrible, horrible thing to read about. Did Mentality ever get sued? I see his webstore is still up, everything on sale. :(

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