Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Geometric: Day 4 - Neon Leopard on a Geometric Base

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am finishing up this weekend with Digit-al Dozen Geometric Week, I will have Day 5 for you tomorrow. Today's post is also a tribute to my friend Kelly from Set in Lacquer.

If you missed her post last week, she has decided she will no longer be blogging. You can read her post here if you missed it. I understand and support her reasons, but she and her nails will definitely be missed in the blogging community! To let Kelly know she will be missed some friends and I thought it would be nice to do tribute manis and tag them on social media with #WeWillMissYouSetInLacquer  - please join in using the hashtag if you like! You can do nail art inspired by her or even a picture of a polish you purchased because of her swatch if you are not nail art inclined. I had several different nail art manis by her I was trying to decide between, but ultimately, neon won. ;)

Kelly actually has a tutorial on this look, which you can find here. It was quite easy to follow and I love that it doesn't have to be "perfect" to look awesome.

I used three of the new Girly Bits neons from the Hoop! There It Is Collection (which I am in love with!). These are even brighter in person than they are in my photos and the formulas are all wonderful to work with.

Polishes used:
Girly Bits You're My Hooper Hero (pink)
Girly Bits Thump Your Melons (orange - best name ever!)
Girly Bits These Hips Don't Lie (yellow)
Salon Perfect Sugar Cube (white)
Sinful Colors Whipped (black)
KBShimmer Clearly on Top (top coat)

I love this mani and I hope Kelly feels the love from the nail community over the next few days. Please remember, if you would like to join in, share your mani on social media (Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag #WeWillMissYouSetInLacquer any time over the next week. I also recommend tagging @setinlacquer if you post your photo on Instagram.

Make sure you check out the other Day 4 nail art looks from the amazing ladies below!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



  1. This looks SO fabulous Ashley!! Thanks for the nod to Kelly. I am sure going to miss her nail art!!

  2. A fabulous tribute to Kelly. I love the neons - must get the Girly Bits ones.

  3. This is a beautiful tribute mani to Set in Lacquer - she will definitely be missed!

  4. Stunning; I can't imagine how bright these are IRL if you say they are brighter in person!

  5. A beautiful manicure and a beautiful tribute. <3

  6. Oh so good. Lovely combo and what an awesome idea. I wish I had jumped in, glad you did!


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