Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood - Day 2: Hopscotch

Hello and happy Tuesday! I'm back with another childhood-themed mani for Digit-al Dozen Week! This one is pretty self-explanatory (or at least I hope it is! LOL).

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First, I must apologize for the drastic difference in nail length and shape from yesterday. I did these last week in preparation for this week but then one of my nails decided to break so the rest of the week will be like yesterday's nails. I had pretty much decided not to even use this mani but today is crazy so I was glad I had it already prepared!

Now, onto the mani! Who hasn't played hopscotch at least once in their life? It's often too hot for kids to play it here but if you can find some shade and a not-too-hot day, it's great fun!

I used a base of China Glaze Silver Lake, which is still a go-to for nail art after 2 years. The rest was done with acrylic paint. I tried to make them look "chalky" and imperfect, as they would look on the sidewalk. I topped it with Pure Ice Girl on the Run followed by Wet n Wild matte top coat.

I hope you enjoyed and I will see you back tomorrow for more Digit-al Dozen Childhood Week!

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  1. Awhhhh I loved hopscotch when I was little. These are a great representation of childhood for sure!

  2. Hopscotch was always a fun game during recess. I love the pastels you used to create yours!

  3. Very cute! I remember playing this during recess. And I love the colors you chose for this mani!

  4. So cute! We used to play on the playground all the time!

  5. I LOVE that you did this! YES, hopscotch! great mani

  6. So cute! I wasn't much of a hopscotch player, I liked Four Square!

  7. I love em and loved Hopscotch...did you play Four Square?

    1. I did! I liked it more than Hopscotch. :)

  8. I loved playing this when I was a kid! Your mani is so adorable, and the colors are so cute!


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