Sunday, February 15, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Patterns on Patterns -Day 5: Sparkly Shadow Stripes

Good evening! I have one last post to finish up Digit-al Dozen Week. I know it's late, but better late than never, right? And I am super happy with this one too!

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I have been wanting to try a mani like this for awhile but just hadn't sat down and tried it. I am so glad I finally did!

I started off with a base of Zoya Posh (Matte Velvet). Once that was completely dry I added a diagonal gradient using Zoya Loredana (Matte Velvet). I let that dry completely before using thin line nail vinyls to add diagonal stripes. I was concerned that it would pull the Matte Velvet polishes up but I didn't want top coat over them because I really wanted to preserve their natural finish. I am happy to report it did not pull up the Matte Velvet polishes! 

After I had the nail vinyls on I used two of Zoya's original formula PixieDusts - London and Chyna - to create a gradient using a makeup wedge in the opposite order from the bottom layer. (So where Loredana - grey Matte Velvet - was on the first layer I topped it with Chyna - red PixieDust, and vice versa.) I love the contrast of the Matte Velvet finish with the sparkly PixieDust finish.

I hope you've enjoyed Digit-al Dozen Week as much as I have! Hopefully next month I will be able to post on time each day! Make sure to check out the other awesome manis below if you haven't already!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



  1. This is really cool!! I'm so glad you were able to report that the tape didn't pull up the matte velvets! Love it, great week!!

  2. Totally gorgeous - loving all the glitter in there.

  3. Ohhh this is just beautiful! So sparkly!

  4. This is so cool and I LOVE the different finishes.

  5. Wow! These are so freakin' stunning! Love love love!

  6. Oh my, just found a whole set of DD I missed! Arg! Might have to try!!!


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