Friday, January 16, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Fairytales, Day 4: Mother Holle

Good evening! For day four of Digit-al Dozen Week I have a nail art look based on a story I had never heard of before today. The fairytale I am using today is called Mother Holle.

I found out about Mother Holle after a bit of googling (how I find pretty much everything!). Mother Holle tells the story of a girl with a horrid stepmother and stepsister. The girl is kind and hard-working and beautiful while her stepsister is lazy and ugly. Because of this her stepmother hates her and wants to get rid of her. (I read about this story at 2 separate links, which I will link a little later, and this part of the story differs. One version has the stepmother shoving the girl into an old well, while the other has the girl going into the well trying to retrieve a spindle that she dropped.) However she wound up in the well, instead of hitting the bottom she winds up in a beautiful place full of sunshine. She sees things that need to be done - cleaning, taking bread out of the oven, etc. - and jumps in to help without seeing anyone. An old woman (Mother Holle) sees her and asks her to come help her clean. Once she is done the old woman gives the girl an abundance of gold and jewels and sends her home. The stepmother is so jealous that she takes her own daughter and shoves her down the well. However, her daughter is lazy and does not help. After demanding something from Mother Holle without doing any work, Mother Holle covers her in a burning pitch which will stay there the rest of her life. (Another discrepancy  between the two versions,  one story ends there while the other adds in the next part.) When she returns home frogs and snakes spew from her mouth, with one toad landing on her mother's face where it remains forever, chewing on her nose.  If you would like to read more about this story, or read about any of the other creepy fairy tales (this one was mild compared to most), you can visit here and here.

So, how did I turn this story into nail art? I created the well in a spooky setting (since that was the overall feel of the story itself) on three of my nails, while two of my nails represent the world the girl arrives in after going into the well. The well is on my middle nail, which was much harder to paint than I had imagined.

I used acrylic paint for most of this design but I did use the following polishes:

"Spooky" nails - Elevation Polish Definition: The Vivid Unknown and Storm in the Morning Light
"Happy" nails - Elevation Polish Puncak Jaya and Wuyi Mountain.

I used Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat on all of them after the regular top coat was dry.

And because I was really happy with how y thumb turned out (and it never gets attention ;) )....

Had you ever heard of this story? I was trying to think outside the box, and I found that outside the box there are some really frightening fairytales! Hahaha! I will see you back here toorrow for the conclusion of Fairytale Week!

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Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



  1. Oooh you love those spooky tales LOL. I love the thumb, too!

  2. Holy creepy story! Great job on turning it into art. I really like the happy nails. They're making me crave sunshine even more!

  3. I love how deep this mani is! Great job!

  4. Wow I love it, especially the thumb!

  5. I really love this! Nice contrast and so beautiful!

  6. Woah! I've never heard that story. Super creepy! Love the mani :)

  7. I really love this mani - the thumb! Great job!

  8. Got to love the twisted originals! Love the design!

  9. Awesome, I love the sort of spookiness the matte of it gives to the look. Really nice

  10. I love this! Very spooky looking. That well is sort of "Ring" like, I really don't like wells since that movie. :)


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