Tuesday, January 27, 2015

13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge: Complement and Contrast

Good morning! I have a quick post this morning. I tried to post this last night but my internet went out so it is late, but it's not my fault (this time LOL). I struggled with today's challenge prompt and I'm not very thrilled with how it turned out. But, it's better than not posting, right? They can't all be winners.

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When I chose my base color (OPI Mod About You), I planned on pairing it with navy blue. I've always loved pink and blue together and I thought this combo would be very classy. Then I took a second look at the color wheel and realized the contrasting color to light pink is bright green. I love neon green and neon pink together, but I didn't like neon green with this base so I went with a more turquoise green (Barry M Green Berry).  I did like it a little better after adding the matte top coat, but this one just doesn't do much for me.

You might notice my nails are super short (again). I had a bad break over the weekend. Not while working under the hood of my car, but after I came in from working on my car and bumping  my nail on the bathroom counter. Irony at its finest. 

I should have a gorgeous collection to show you tomorrow and hopefully I'll like Wednesday's challenge mani more!

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Thanks for reading and happy polishing!



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