Friday, January 2, 2015

13 Days Of January Nail Art Challenge, Day 1: Follow A Tutorial

Happy Friday! For my first post of 2015 I am kicking off a new nail art series for the month of January! The 13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge is one I am doing with some friends. It is a spin-off of Crumpet's 31 Day Challenge. There's a lot happening this month and we didn't feel we could commit to all 31 days, so this will be a less stressful challenge! 

Day 1's Prompt is "Follow a Tutorial" and I decided to try my hand at freehand houndstooth! I had been wanting to try this for a while so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I followed this tutorial from Pointless Cafe. She made it super easy to follow! Unfortunately I am having issues with all of my nail art brushes and it was very hard for me to get clean lines. I was planning on doing more than one nail but I had to re-do this one several times and I was so frustrated by the time I got it done that I didn't even want to think about doing more. I have a new brush due to arrive tomorrow so hopefully it's a good one!

The base of this mani is Cacique Give Me Grey, which I picked up at a Lane Bryant store a few months ago.  This was my first time trying this brand. I quite like the color, it's a nice cool grey with blue undertones. The formula was a bit iffy but not overly problematic. I used 3 thin coats to help it apply evenly as it didn't self-level very well. The bottles and caps are square and the cap does not lift off so once you screw it back on, it's all caddywhompus, which bothers me greatly. I did like the brush though, it was flat and a nice width. The design was done with acrylic paint. After I used a regular top coat I added a coat of Wet 'n Wild Matte Top Coat.

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Thanks for reading and happy polishing! 



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