Friday, December 12, 2014

Mystical Winter Frost... or Expecto Patronum?

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Friday! I hope you have had a great week! My apologies for it being so long since my last post. December is so busy! I did find time to do some winter nail art on Wednesday, and I am so excited to share it with you!

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The idea for this mani actually came from the base polish. This is Elevation Polish Iced Fog of Crystal Reservoir. I won this in a giveaway from Set in Lacquer. You can see more pics of this polish, and learn the story behind its creation, here. It is a gorgeous holographic duochrome (blue to purple to teal) and I just had to use it to create a wintery scene.

I couldn't decide what to call this manicure, it reminded me of winter at dusk, but that was kind of a lame name. So, I asked some friends and got several good suggestions. My mom actually suggested Mystical Winter Frost but one of my friends said it reminded her of the scene with the dementors in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban. Well, I couldn't NOT use that. I mean, come on, it's Harry Potter! (Plus, she may have given me an idea for a future manicure as well.) Thanks for the idea, Pam!

This manicure is the first time I have used acrylic paint for nail art (or at all, really, LOL). I knew a lot of people used it but I figured, why buy something else when I already have a ton of polish? Well, a friend sent me some as a belated birthday present and I am in love! It is so much easier to work with and I didn't have to keep putting more on my palette because it didn't dry out. So, now I have something else to spend money on for nail art. 

I did add Elevation Polish Pitaraq over the pond after I was through with my nail art to make it look more icy. I love the shine and depth it added! You can see it best in the shade pic below. 

What do you think - winter, Harry Potter, both? 

I have been wearing this the last two days and really loving it. It got a chip today so I will be changing it tonight. I have some beautiful collections to show you soon and will hopefully have some Christmas nail art for you soon!

Elevation Polish Pitaraq will be discontinued soon, I recommend picking it up. I'm going to grab a backup! For a full list of the soon-to-be-discontinued polishes visit Elevation Polish's blog below. 

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! 



  1. Beautiful mani! Love the Pitaraq addition!

  2. It reminds me of a scene in Harry Potter and de deathly Hallows when they find The Griffindor Sword :) Really well done and good looking.

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