Friday, November 7, 2014

Sew Cute - Thimble Nail Art

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Friday! Today's mani is a special one for me. Six years ago today my aunt, who was like a second mom to me, passed away. She loved and collected thimbles  so I thought I would do some thimble nail art in honor of her today.

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While I enjoyed creating this mani, I'm not completely happy with how it turned out. I created the outline of thimbles on each nail and left "negative space" (bare nail) behind it so it would look more like decorated thimbles instead of just random nail art, but I don't think it translated very well. Other than that, I do really like the colors and designs I did, though I admit my ring finger reminds me of a Dalek. That was not intentional. Hahaha!

The colors in this mani are as follows -

Thumb: Elevation Polish Table Mountain and Everest 2
Index: Elevation Polish Everest 2 and Mount Meru
Middle: Elevation Polish Wagagai, Devil's Cauldron and Dior Bouquet
Ring: Elevation Polish Mount Meru and Devil's Cauldron
Pinkie: Dior Bouquet and Elevation Polish Vinson

I used a small detail brush and dotting tools to create the designs. And you know I had to add a matte top coat...

I really like it matte but I think it looks more like thimbles when it is shiny!

And below is a photo of Aunt Carolyn, my brother, Adam, and myself from eons ago. Don't just the hair and fashion, it was the 80s! ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!


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  1. This was a fantastic inspiration, what a loving tribute! It looks outstanding!


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