Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Haze

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Hump Day! Today I have a Halloween mani that I really love and have enjoyed wearing! It was also very easy to create! 

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I think it's pretty safe at this point to say that I am obsessed with spray marbling. I used it a couple of times during the 31 Day Challenge (here and here) and I would have used it more if I could have without feeling like I was cheating! I love that the look changes depending on what you use. I've seen rubbing alcohol, hairspray, vinegar, hand sanitizer and body spray used so far!

To create this manicure I started off with a base of Illamasqua Gamma and added gradient tips with KBShimmer Pansy-Monium. Once that was dry I set up like I would if I were going to water marble (which I don't do often or well!). I dropped 2 drops of a black creme polish in the water (I found it spread much easier wen I used distilled water rather than filtered or tap water) and sprayed it with 90% distilled alcohol. (I used an old hairspray bottle and I could tell by the smell that there was still some hairspray left in the sprayer - I think that is why my ring finger and thumb turned out slightly different.) I then dipped my finger, paying special attention to the design that I wanted on my nail. After it was dry I topped with a coat of top coat and that's it! Super easy!

After a whole day of wearing it shiny I decided to add a matte top coat and I love it matte too!

I love that it looks wispy and spooky. I can even kind of make out a bat on my ring finger! I still have this on and don't want to take it off. I will definitely be doing more spray marbling soon so I hope you don't get tired of it!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! 


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