Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Zoya Ultra PixieDusts for Fall 2014 - Swatch Preview (Skittles)

Press Sample

I received my Zoya Ultra PixieDusts today and I couldn't wait to try them out and share them with you! I will have full swatches soon, but here's a quick skittle pic to tide you over!  They are kind of a cross between the original PixieDusts and the most recent Magical PixieDusts.  They have the finish of the original PixieDusts with added large hex glitters (no holo glitters).

They are, of course, more sparkly in person than in the photo. The bases are deeper and Noir and Arianna are even a bit "jelly-like" - but do not dry smooth, of course. This is 3  thin coats of each and they are completely dry.

I decided I wanted to see them shiny so I added 2 coats of thick top coat (Pure Ice Girl on the Run).

What do you think? I quite like the finish on them, although I prefer them with top coat! I can't handle that texture feeling when I'm wearing them as a full manicure. I am disappointed that Oswin dries so much darker on the nail than it is in the bottle.

These are available for pre-order at Zoya.com!

Zoya polishes are available at zoya.com and at select Ulta locations and retail for $9. The PixieDust line retails for $10 each.  Zoya is also available at Nail Polish Canada

Zoya has sales and specials often so make sure  you follow them at the social media links below to stay up-to-date on all the latest! And don't forget they are 5-FREE and Cruelty-Free!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥


  1. I prefer the top coated version as well, so happy you added that or I would not be thinking of purchasing these!

  2. It looks like Noir will be my favourite out of these!


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