Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Thor" Nails and an Introduction!

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Saturday! I am so excited for today's post! With all the craziness lately I realized last night that I haven't officially shown off the new addition to my family! I showed pics on Instagram when I got him but I haven't shown him off here. So, everyone, say hi to Thor!

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I decided there couldn't be any better "animal print" to do for Day 13 of the challenge than my new baby! He is a "rescue" of sorts and I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I got him 2 weeks ago, as of yesterday. He is sweet and well behaved and gets along well with both of my other dogs. (Though Sam is an old man is pretty much happy as long as you let him sleep most of the time! LOL) Snickerdoodle still has some jealousy issues but overall they are getting along better than I could have imagined! He is a German Shepherd (though I'm not sure if he is mixed with anything else or not) so I created the look of his hair on my nails today!

To create my "Thor print" nails I started off with a base of butter LONDON Tea & Toast. I then used Elevation Polish Tette (an amazing brown jelly) and a plain black creme with my striping brush to create the "fur."                                                          

And you know I had to try it with a matte topcoat...

I like it both ways! I will leave you with one of my favorite pics of Thor and Snickerdoodle. (It's one of my favorites because it is one of the few I have where they are looking at the camera. They both hate having their picture taken! LOL)

Thanks for reading and happy polishing. ♥



  1. This is adorable! And I just want to snuggle up with both those pups!

  2. This is great! Congrats on your new addition!!

  3. Great mani but even greater new baby! <3

  4. Congratulations on your new furbaby! He's gorgeous. I love dogs and have 3 of my own plus I'm fostering a sweet little puppy that I just might make #4. Your nails are cool too;)

  5. Great mani and a gorgeous new baby, Congratulations!


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