Monday, September 8, 2014

Metallic Shifting Chevrons

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Day 8 of the 31 Day Challenge calls for some metallic nails! I decided to use two different metallic finishes with some chevron Nail Vinyls. I am really pleased with the finished look!

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I thought it would be fun to try a "moving chevron" where the chevron gets lower on each nail as I move from pinkie to thumb. I love the result! It's subtle yet striking and the colors contrast each other well, but look really good together.

To create this mani I started off with a base of Girly Bits I'm Your Venus (which is so much better than these photos show, and I will have a full review of soon!) and topped it off with a coat of quick drying top coat. Once it was completely dry I used the chevron Nail Vinyls (pictured below) and pressed them firmly on my nail. The nice thing about the vinyls is they bend and adhere to the nail better than tape or stickers since they are more pliable. I then used a nail art brush and OPI Push and Shove to create the chevrons. Push and Shove is difficult to work with so I applied a thin coat, let it dry, then added the final coat, let it dry for a few seconds and peeled off the vinyls. I did this one nail at a time to keep it simple. Once it was completely dry I topped it off with one coat of fast dry top coat.

  Have you tried Nail Vinyls yet? I am really enjoying them!

Nail Vinyls can be purchased at The price varies by design but the sheet of 100 single chevrons (as I featured here) retails for $5. Make sure to check out Nail Vinyls at the links  below!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!  ♥



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