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Liquidus Nail Gloss Spring Trio - Swatches and Review (and Wear Test)!

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Good evening! I have a new collection for Spring from Liquidus Nail Gloss to show you tonight! I really love Liquidus Nail Gloss. The polishes are inspired by rocks, minerals and gemstones and since I used to collect rocks they still hold a special place in my heart. There is no beauty that is equal to nature. The polishes reflect that and come in a wide variety of shades and finishes (and all packaging is recycled and biodegradable!). So let's see what's in store for Spring 2014!

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This collection features a creme with shimmer, a micro-glitter topper and a jelly. All were easy to work with and I had no issues. I love the variety of shades and finishes with this trio! I will be showing the inspiration of each polish before the swatches!


Up first is Morganite! Morganite is a blush-toned cream shimmer. The shimmer is very soft and not over-powering. In the shade this looks like a creme finish but in the light the shimmer comes out to play. I used 2 coats and one coat of topcoat for the photos.

Morganite - Source





Peridot looks exactly like a Peridot stone! I love Peridot so I was excited about this one. It is on the sheer side, but since it's a jelly I don't mind. I can't wait to use it for jelly sandwiches and pond manicures! I'm really getting into jellies lately and I don't have one this color in my stash so I'm excited to use it. This is 3 coats with no top coat.

Peridot - Source




Rose Quartz is a rose-toned micro-glitter in a clear base. The formula was smooth and easy. I'm showing different looks for it below, which I will note above the photos.

Rose Quartz - Source

One coat over Peridot on all fingers except for my ring finger, where there are two coats...




Reverse gradient over Morganite...





And now for the wear test! You might remember the nail art I did for Lacquer Legion in March (post here if you missed it). I ended up wearing that mani for 2 days and had excellent wear with Morganite as my base! (Yes, I have a right hand and, yes, I really wore it like this for two days. I normally would have recreated the nail art on my right hand but I didn't have time for it and I liked it too much to take off.)


So there you have it! What do you think? Will you be grabbing any? 

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Liquidus polishes retail for $9 for full size bottles and $6 for minis. Make sure to check out Liquidus at all of the links below!

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