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Trind Nail Care - Keratin Treatment Kit, Nail Repair, Cuticle Balsam and Nail Balsam - Complete Review

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Hello lovelies! I have a glowing review for some nail care products I have been using for about 12 weeks now. I have been using them so long because I wanted to give my readers the most thorough review possible. 

If you've been following me for a while you know that I tend to keep my nails fairly short. This is for a couple of reasons. One is that my nails curve under a lot when I get a bit of length but the other, and more of the "deciding factor," is that my nails are very weak and thin and break or peel a lot. Or they used to. I started using the Trind products in the middle of November and have seen a HUGE difference in my nails. I lost some of my photos that I had been taking throughout this process so some of these are photos that you have seen in my swatch posts.

Complete review after the jump!

I received two different nail treatment kits from Trind to try, the Keratin Kit and the Perfect Cuticle and Nail Kit. The Trind website recommends using the Keratin Kit for 4 - 6 weeks if you have especially damaged or problem nails (or if you have recently removed artificial nails). After the 6 weeks your nails should be much stronger and healthier and you can then switch to the Nail Repair treatment  (which I will show you below). Since I wanted to review these products as thoroughly as possible I followed these recommendations. 

Usage after 6 weeks

The Keratin Kit contains two products, the Keratin Nail Restorer and the Keratin Nail Protector. With these 2 products you apply the Restorer first. The Restorer is a somewhat thin formula and soaks into the nail. You apply this, massage into the nail then wait 2 minutes before applying the Protector. After allowing the Restorer to soak into the nail for 2 minutes you wipe the nail with a clean, dry cloth or cotton round to make sure there is no excess. Then apply the Protector and allow it to dry completely. The Protector applies like a polish but has a tad thicker consistency than most polish. It was not hard to work with at all, it went on smooth and easy, and I could get enough coverage with one brush dip to cover 2 - 3 nails. It takes a few minutes for it to dry completely but you want to make sure it is completely dry before applying any polish (if you are planning on applying polish over it). You need to remove and re-apply these daily. I used these every day for the first two weeks and then started tapering off a bit if I was busy or wearing nail art I didn't want to remove but used it at least every other day. The only issue I had with these is that they did make my polish peel off in big pieces. It wasn't a deal breaker, especially since I was reapplying it so often, but it was irritating. 

To see more on the application of the Keratin Treatment, as well as other products from Trind, take a look at the videos on this page from Trind's website.

The photo on the left (purple) is the first time I used the Keratin Treatment and the photo on the right shows my nail growth after just 2 weeks. Not only did they start growing faster, they were much stronger and didn't peel nearly as much. After a couple more weeks they were growing even faster and I could tell a huge difference in the health of my nails overall. They weren't constantly peeling and breaking. I would do something like catch my nail on the corner of something that would have caused a break or tear before and it didn't affect me at all!  I remember about 4 weeks after starting the Keratin Treatment I slammed all four of my swatching nails in a drawer - hard - and I did not have ONE break. Needless to say, I was very impressed!


The Perfect Cuticle and Nail Kit contains three products - Cuticle Balsam, Nail Balsam and Nail Repair. All three of these products are available separately as well. 

Cuticle Balsam and Nail Balsam - I used both of these all 12 weeks (during the Keratin Treatment and after switching to the Nail Repair). They are extremely moisturizing, soak in quickly and contain no oil so you don't have to worry about any oil affecting the products or polish you apply afterwards. 

You apply the Cuticle Balsam first, massage into the cuticle, let it soak in for 2 minutes. Then apply the Nail Balsam, massage into the nail and let it soak in for 2 minutes. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth or cotton round and apply either the Keratin Treatment Kit (as per the instructions I listed above) OR the Nail Repair Treatment. I used the Cuticle Balsam and Nail Balsam daily for the first two weeks then started using 2 - 3 times per week. 

Nail Repair - this also has a bit thicker consistency than a polish but goes on smoothly with no issues. I am able to use on 2 -3 nails per brush dip. This does not make my polish peel like the Keratin Treatment did. You also need to make sure this one is completely dry before applying polish on top.

After 12 weeks of usage for the Cuticle Balsam and Nail Balsam, 6+ weeks for the Nail Repair (on both my mom and myself)

Please note the usage levels in the bottles above. I just took these photos so they are current. The bottles are on the small side but the products last a very long time. I have also been using them on my mom (who has had tremendous results) so you can see the usage for both of us over 12 weeks is quite low. 

The photo below shows when I changed my nail shape 2 weeks ago (I did suffer a rare break then but it was umm... well deserved). The photo on the bottom was taken exactly 2 weeks after the break, and I had just trimmed them a bit a couple days before. My nails have never grown this fast or been this strong. Breaks are still bound to happen occasionally but they have been few and far between and my nails just feel stronger and healthier overall.

I am very impressed with these products and will continue using them. I have tried everything to help my nails have better health and strength and these are the first products that actually seem to do what they say they will do! These are very long-lasting, effective and well worth the price!

You can learn more, as well as find purchasing links, on Trind's website. Also make sure to follow at the social media links below!

Thanks for reading and happy (and healthy) polishing! ♥



  1. Thank you for your thorough & detailed review! I have been wondering & based on your experiences I will certainly make the investment of time & money to try this product!

    1. That's great to hear! I hope you love them as much as I do!

    2. That's great to hear! I hope you love them as much as I do!

  2. That's an excellent review! Great to hear this kit really helped you.

  3. Great review! I've heard good things about these products, but it was so helpful to hear about your personal experience!

  4. Cool! I've heard of these products- nice review.

  5. I use the second kit and I find it very helpful in keeping my nails strong and I also take biotin and zinc. I also got a few of their nail colors for pedicure use, as I wear pedis for longer and want the polish not to damage the nails as much.


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