Thursday, February 6, 2014

Darling Diva Polish Muscle Car Diva Collection - Swatches and Review (Part 3 of 4)

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Happy Thursday! Today I have another installment of Darling Diva's Muscle Car Diva Collection to show you! This will conclude showing you all of the polishes in this collection over black. In the last post I am going to show you what a few of the polishes look like on their own. (If you missed either of my first two posts of this collection I will link them at the bottom of this post.)

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The polishes in this collection are all dense enough to wear on their own in 2-3 coats but since there were already some fab swatches showing them on their own I thought I'd show them over black. They are super hot and gorgeous either way. I will show my favorites on their own in my last post on this collection! All had a fabulous formula and spread on the nail evenly without any issues. 

These are SO SPARKLY in person and photos just do not do them justice. The holographic sparkle in each one is really stunning. I used one coat of each over a plain black creme and topped it with one coat of Seche Vite. All photos taken in natural lighting. 

Since I love muscle cars I thought it would be fun to show the "cars behind the names" - in coordinating colors, of course. 


El Dorado

This one is inspired by the Cadillac Eldorado which was first introduced in 1953 and was at the very top of the Cadillac lineup for most of its first decade (I am showing the 1958 model below). This polish is a very pretty gold holographic, it's a true gold, not a yellow pretending to be gold which I really loved.



The Pontiac GTO was only in production during the "peak" muscle car years of the late 1960s and early '70s but it was quite hot during its time. And just like the car, this polish is quite hot as well. Bright emerald green and holographic glitter in a slightly tinted green base. 



Mach 1

The Mach 1 was a performance upgrade option package for the Ford Mustang starting in 1969 and going through 1978. This is one of my favorite polishes in this collection. I love the deep charcoal glitter and how the holo shines in this one!



Some of you may know from previous posts that a Camaro is my "dream car." I have wanted one since I was 6 years old and would still love to have one some day. I love the late 60s models as well as the newer ones that are being sold now. (I also like the 90s body style, I didn't personally care for the 80s body style but that's just me.) The Z28 is an upgrade option from the standard Camaro. Since it's my favorite I have included two photos of this one, a 1969 Z28 SS 350 and one of the current body style. The polish is sexy, just like the car. The glitters are smaller in this one than in most of the others in this collection but it's still packed full of lime green and holographic sparkly goodness. The larger glitters are still there, they are just a bit more sparse in this one than the others.


Now that you've seen them all over black, what are your favorites? I really love this collection and that's saying a lot coming from someone who prefers cremes to glitters! These are definite must-haves for anyone who loves glitter.

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The polishes in this collection sell for $8 each and can be found at Darling Diva's Big Cartel Store. Don't forget to follow Darling Diva on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks, news and more!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!  ♥



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