Thursday, January 23, 2014

Elevation Polish Yeti's Broken Heart Skittlette!

Nothing to Disclose

It's almost Friday! (Or it is already Friday for some of you!) Heading into the weekend I have my first skittlette of 2014! I used all Elevation Polishes for this mani -  Yeti's Broken Heart (Limited Edition), Caspian (SBP) and Lost in the Darkness (SBP). 

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I love doing skittlettes! They're fun and they let you try fun combos that you might not have thought of otherwise. I used Caspian on my pinkie and Lost in the Darkness on my index finger and thumb. For my accent nails I did a gradient of Caspian and Lost in the Darkness and topped it with Yeti's Broken Heart. 





I love each of these polishes alone and together they make a fun combination! I hope poor Yeti's heart gets mended soon. ;)

Elevation Polishes are available at her shop here and retail anywhere from $8.50 - $12.50 for full-sized bottles. News can be found at her blog here. Launches and re-stocks happen at 9 PM CST on the 7th of every month and at 9 AM CST on the 22nd of every month (that is just a few hours from now!). One in the evening and one in the morning for your international shopping convenience because calling in to work "sleepy because of a re-stock" is usually frowned upon. ;)

Llarowe is now carrying Elevation Polish as well! Make sure to follow Llarowe on Facebook to stay up-to-date on stock information!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



  1. What a gorgeous mani!!!!! ♥
    And I'm so jealous that you have Caspian, I love this Elevation so much! :P

  2. Where can I buy Yeti? Is it still available? Are the SBPs available?



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