Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rocks and Minerals Nail Art Week Day Two - Amethyst Geode

Nothing to Disclose

I'm a little late for Day 2 of Rocks and Minerals Week but, better late than never! Today I am using Amethyst Geode as my inspiration!

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I used piCture pOlish Attitude, Ozotic 624 and a white and grey creme for this mani. I started off with a base of Attitude then, once that was dry, framed it around the edge of my nails with the grey creme and then dabbed on the white very lightly with a torn makeup sponge. I then finished it off by dabbing Ozotic 624 to blend the white with the darker purple.

See you tomorrow for more of Rock and Mineral Week! Don't forge to check out the manis below!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



  1. This is so beautiful! Totally looks 3D as if your nails have huge depth to them!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  2. Really LOOOOVE this nail art!!! ♥

  3. So pretty!!! excellent representation.

  4. Incredible! It's so beautiful!

  5. HOLY CRAP! This is so so beautiful and perfect! I wanted to do something like this but just could not figure out how to get it to look realistic, but you TOTALLY nailed this (ha ha) :D

  6. Such a beautiful representation of amethyst geodes! Stunning! For anyone who loves amethyst geodes, here's a great resource page: https://cosmiccuts.com/pages/the-amazing-amethyst-geode


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