Monday, November 18, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe Road ♥

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Monday everyone! It's semi-cloudy and I'm listening to Harry Connick, Jr. so I am in a pretty good mood despite only getting about 3 hours of sleep last night (thank you caffeine! LOL). I thought I'd kick off the week with one more of my birthday polishes. This one is much more readily available though! My friend Michelle at Things I Love at the Moment knew I'd been wanting this one for a while and I'm so thankful she sent it!

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I didn't own any Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes until recently but I now have three! LOL I bought Killa Red from a blog sale a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. I didn't care for how my pics turned out so I will have to show you guys that one later. 

This one is Santa Fe Road and it is amazing. It's a wonderful coral/muted terracotta shade with a lovely shimmer that is primarily golden but has a green shift. The formula was wonderful and I had no issues at all. I am showing 2 coats and no top coat for the photos. 

The shimmer in this polish has a light green shift to it that my camera did not want to capture. It's peeking at you through the bottle in some of the photos! (It is visible on the nail in person.)

What do you think? Do you have this one? I'm such a sucker for a good coral and this one definitely fits that description! Thanks again, Michelle!

Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) polishes are 5-Free and Cruelty-Free! They sell for $18-$20 and can be purchased only on RBL's site, here. Make sure to follow RBL at the social media links below to stay up-to-date on new collections, swatches and more!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥


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