Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elevation Polish Uluru Holo (Custom) ♥

Nothing to Disclose

Good evening everyone! I received some very sweet and thoughtful (and amazing) gifts for my birthday on Monday. Among my favorite gifts were ones sent to me by my lovely friends I have made over the past few years in the nail polish and blogging community. Nail polish brought us together but we have formed real relationships and I have come to think of them as part of my family. They really didn't need to send me anything, just having their friendship is quite enough and I am truly thankful for them every day.  

But, they did send me some amazing gifts and I am going to show you one of them today! My friend Sheila from Pointless Cafe had Lulu from Elevation Polish create a holographic version of Uluru for me! 

More photos after the jump!

Uluru is one of my favorite Elevation Polishes. It's coral/red flakie and shimmer heaven. I have worn it multiple times yet I have not done a blog post on it because I can never get my camera to capture it properly. So I am going to show you Sheila's collage of it so you can see how gorgeous it is. (You can also click on the caption to be taken to her post.)

Elevation Polish Uluru courtesy of Pointless Cafe

Isn't it just amazing!? Well, here's her holographic sister!

Elevation Polish Uluru Holo

Elevation Polish Uluru Holo

Elevation Polish Uluru Holo

Elevation Polish Uluru Holo

Amazing! Thank you so much, Sheila! ♥

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! 



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