Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration Mani! ♥

Nothing to Disclose

Happy November 23rd! I wanted to get this posted this morning but life got in the way and I didn't get a chance. Better late than never! I am a Doctor Who fanatic and I couldn't wait for The Day of the Doctor! I had multiple different nail art designs in mind but wanted to do something to incorporate more than one person or season so I ended up coming up with the clothing worn by some of my favorites!

More Doctor Who fun after the jump!

First, a better pic of the mani. Rose Tyler on my thumb, Doctor #9 on my index, Doctor #10 on my middle finger, Doctor #11 on my ring finger and Amelia Pond on my pinkie. I have not watched any of the classic episodes of Doctor Who yet (I only started watching a little over a year ago) so I have only really seen these 3 Doctors. Tennant is my favorite Doctor but I really like all 3 and think they have all done a wonderful job. I wasn't too keen on Matt Smith when he first came (maybe partially because I was going through Tennant withdrawal) but he grew on me and I'm sad to see him go. But I am looking forward to seeing what Peter Capaldi brings to the role. Amy and Rose are my two favorite companions and I think they're the most well-known, at least for now, so I had to include them as well!

I had to get my Weeping Angel figure in on the fun too! (I'm only showing the characters who actually interacted with the Weeping Angels in the pic. ;)

And a couple pieces of my Doctor Who jewelry that I wore today. First, my TARDIS "locket" which is magnetic and so much better than the old style lockets that made you break your nails getting them open!

I just got this ring in the mail yesterday and I love it so much! I am going to go back and get one that says Allons-y. This is one of my very favorite episodes and reminds me of Amy. (And my other TARDIS necklace that hangs from my lamp at my computer when I'm not wearing it.)

I really loved celebrating one of my favorite obsessions...errr shows... today. LOL I am going to see The Day of the Doctor on Monday in the theater and am planning another mani so I will show you that one as well!

Check out the other celebration manis below!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



  1. OMG Awesome!!!! ♥ ♥
    Your Ten is way better than mine!

  2. WOAH!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!
    And you payed respects to my favorite Doctor too..... awwwwwww I ♥ YOU!!!
    Pure perfection. In my opinion this is the BEST Doctor Who mani i've seen!!!

  3. love the textures you created for Matt's outfit x

  4. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! :) I literally just watched the episode and was blown away, love the inspiration you used for this manicure.

  5. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! amazing job!

  6. This is a totally unique DW mani and I love that all the characters are so easily recognizable before I even read the text! Great job and thanks for linking in with us!

  7. This is just FANTASTIC, Ashley. You did a wonderful job and I think doing the signature clothing is a strike of genius!!!

  8. haha this design is so great! brought a smile to my face on a monday morning, which is hard to do!

  9. I love that ring! I want one! This design is really cute and I love that you used two of the companions (Amy is my favorite).

    1. Thank you! Here is the link for the ring. ;)

  10. OH NOES! I looked at the angel! I love this! The concept is mega fab! Great mani!

  11. I love that you did their outfits! Fabulous job! And that angel is awesome!


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