Thursday, August 22, 2013

Textured Nail Art Series Using The Kiko Sugar Mat Collection ♥

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Hello lovelies! I am very excited about the post I have for you today, as well as the series it kicks off! You may have seen on Pointless Cafe's blog last week that the complete Kiko Sugar Mat Collection is coming soon to Ninja Polish and to go along with her amazing swatches I am going to do be doing some fun nail art using the Sugar Mats! 

I will be doing nail art to coordinate with each swatch post that Sheila did (possibly more than one nail art post, depending on the colors in the swatch post). Today I am using 2 polishes from Part 1 of her 4 part series, which you can find here, #633 and #634. The Sugar Mat Collection is made up of 16 polishes - 8 non-shimmers and 8 shimmers. Both of these are the non-shimmers. Both had great formulas and were very easy to work with. 

Kiko Sugar Mat 633 and 634 Skittlette

How fun is this mani?! It's honestly one of my favorite manis that I've done in a while. And it was so easy to create!

Stay tuned for more pictures and info after the jump!

I am loving the skittlette trend lately but I tend to get "stumped" when I sit down to create one. I've been wanting to do the "sunburst" tape design for a while and thought it would look great when mixed into a skittlette, especially with the colors I was using. 

On my index finger I did a gradient using 633 and 634. I love doing gradients with textured polishes because the texture makes it extra easy! I use a base of white (though I'm not sure it's really needed because the polishes are completely opaque when the gradient is done)  and then use a makeup sponge to create the gradient.  To create the "sunburst" nails I used a base of Kiko 327 (grey creme), striping tape and 634 on top. My thumb is 634 on its own and my pinkie is 633 on its own. 

Kiko Sugar Mat 633 and 634 Skittlette

Kiko Sugar Mat 633 and 634 Skittlette

Kiko Sugar Mat 633 and 634 Skittlette

Kiko Sugar Mat 633 and 634 Skittlette

Kiko Sugar Mat 633 and 634 Skittlette

What do you think of this mani? I love it and I am excited for the rest of this series!

To see the full swatch post from Pointless Cafe click on the picture below!

Photo credit: Pointless Cafe

The Sugar Mat Collection is nearly completely sold out on Kiko's website (and they don't ship to the US) but Ninja Polish will be launching the complete collection very soon! You can click here to be taken to the "coming soon" section on Ninja Polish so you can sign up to be notified via email when they are available! And the $7.50 price tag is cheaper than most of the textured polishes you can find elsewhere! 

Make sure to follow Ninja Polish on the social media links below!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



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