Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paint Box Polish Gryffindor - Swatches and Review ♥

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Happy Thursday! I've been in a Harry Potter mood lately (okay, I'm always in a Harry Potter mood LOL) and decided to break out Paint Box Polish Gryffindor again! I have worn this before but was never satisfied with my photos but I was determined to share it with you guys this time!

I just had to break out Hedwig for these photos!

More pics and a review after the jump!

This polish is so pretty and really reminds me of the best house at Hogwarts! This polish looks burnt orange in some light and red in others and it is packed with golf microflakes. So pretty and perfect for fall! The formula on this polish was great. I had no issue with application and it is opaque in 3 regular or 3 thin coats. I did use a coat of Poshe in these photos (with the exception of one, which I will not in the caption).

Paint Box Polish Gryffindor

Paint Box Polish Gryffindor

Paint Box Polish Gryffindor

Paint Box Polish Gryffindor (no top coat)

Paint Box Polish Gryffindor

What do you think? I love it - and I thin I need more houses! ;)

Follow Paint Box Polish at the following links to stay up-to-date and see more swatches! The full size bottles retail for $9 each and minis are $4. 


Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



  1. Gah!!! Love it! :) Awesome photos, my dear!

  2. This is a beautiful polish, I'm down with anything relating to HP ;)

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