Monday, June 24, 2013

Paint Box Polish In the Groove and Two Right Feet from The Summer Heat Collection ♥

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Good morning! How about kicking off a new week with swatches from a brand new collection? Paint Box Polish is launching a brand new collection called Summer Heat on Wednesday, June 26th and I have two of them to show you now! 

I also have a coupon code for my readers so stay tuned until the end for that!

The Summer Heat Collection is inspired by the bright neon colors that Pam, the creator of Paint Box Polish, sees in her Zumba classes. I love neons and these are all great! 

These polishes are made up of black circle glitters, black square glitters and iridescent micro-flakes in a colored jelly/crelly base. I was so surprised by the iridescent micro-flakes! I love the micro-flakes! The formula on both of these polishes was fantastic! I didn't have an issue getting the large circle glitters out and onto my nail at all. Any bubbles in the photos are from my topcoat, not the polish.

Photos and review after the jump!

Up first is In the Groove which is so bright that my camera went crazy! I could not capture how truly bright and neon and in-your-face this polish is. It is a true neon, not the bright pastel that my camera wanted to make it look like. It is so bright, in fact, that it glows under a black light and I have included a photo of that as well. I used 3 coats of this one by itself except on the ring finger where I layered 2 coats over a white creme base. The white really makes this pop even more than wearing it alone. I topped it off with a thick coat of Poshe topcoat for the photos.

Paint Box Polish In the Groove (artificial lighting)

Paint Box Polish In the Groove (sunlight)

Paint Box Polish In the Groove (shade)

Paint Box Polish In the Groove (shade)

Paint Box Polish In the Groove

Paint Box Polish In the Groove (black light)

Two Right Feet is not as "neon" as the rest of the collection but it is bold and bright! If you are a Doctor Who fan like me (and Pam!) this will scream "TARDIS blue" - Pam said when she saw this shade she couldn't bring herself to change it even though it wasn't as bright as the rest in this collection. This one is a true jelly and I LOVE it! It is so squishy and shiny and the micro-flakes really pop in the jelly base. This is two coats on all nails (it is layered over white on my ring finger) and topped with one coat of Poshe.

Paint Box Polish Two Right Feet

Paint Box Polish Two Right Feet

Paint Box Polish Two Right Feet

Paint Box Polish Two Right Feet

Paint Box Polish Two Right Feet

What do you think of this collection? I love it and the others in this collection look fabulous too!

These are launching on Wednesday, June 26th and, as I mentioned earlier, I have a coupon code for you! Use code ADDICTEDSUMMER20 to receive 20% off your order from Paint Box Polish! This code will be good for 30 days!

Due to the large circle glitters in this collection these will not be available as minis. The full size bottles retail for $9 each. Follow Paint Box Polish at the following links to stay up-to-date and see more swatches!


Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥


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