Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sea Lore Dancing Discus from the Spring Seas Collection ♥

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Happy Thursday! I, for one, am really glad this day is over. It's been one of "those days" and I am going to finish it on a happy note - with some sparkle! I have another polish from Sea Lore's Spring Seas Collection to show you tonight!

Dancing Discus is described by Jamie as, "A sheer soft peach with a shifting blue violet glow. She has various sizes of iridescent hexes, blue green squares and tiny golden glitters."  I love this one so much! It's subtle but still so striking. I can definitely see this being acceptable in an office - and it will cheer you up just by moving your fingers around! I used one coat over a neutral creme (Nails Inc. Fulham Palace Road) and one coat of topcoat to finish it.

*Any bubbles are from my topcoat, not the polish.

Sea Lore Dancing Discus

Sea Lore Dancing Discus

Sea Lore Dancing Discus

Sea Lore Dancing Discus

Sea Lore Dancing Discus

Sea Lore Dancing Discus

Isn't it lovely?!

I will have the others in this collection to show you over the next few days. Check out the ones I have already posted at the links below.

Jumping Jellyfish

Leaping Lyretail

All of Sea Lore polishes are hand mixed, 3-free and cruelty-free and only use stainless steel balls. All of the glitters are tested a minimum of 2 months by themselves in base to ensure that all glitters are non bleeding and non curling.

Sea Lore polishes retail for $5.50 for 7.5 ml and $10 for 15 ml bottles. Make sure to check out Sea Lore's website and store (where she is currently fully stocked). Also follow her on Facebook and Twitter. She hosts sales very often to show her customers how much she appreciates them so I suggest you follow so you don't miss out!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



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