Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Layla Velvet Effect Nail Art - Lunar Surface (01) ♥

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Happy Tuesday! I have a fun post for you tonight!

Layla's new Velvet Effect Nail Art Collection introduces one of the hottest nail trends to the Layla line - fuzzy nails! That sounds much less luxurious than "velvet" but they really are fuzzy! I honestly didn't think I would like this nail trend but I am pleased (and shocked) to announce that I love it!  

The one I am showing you today is Lunar Surface (01). You apply this by applying one coat of your base polish and letting it dry. Next, going one nail at a time, apply the second coat of polish and immediately "shake" (think salt shaker) the velvet flocking onto your nail. Obviously no topcoat as this would ruin the fuzzy velvet effect. 

The only issue I had was that I had a hard time getting the flocking out of the bottle and onto my nail. I think part of the problem may have been that I was using a fast dry white as my base and the polish was drying before I could get much of the product onto my nail. To solve this problem I shook some of the powder into a small bowl and sprinkled it onto my nail with my fingers. 

Layla Velvet Effect - Lunar Surface

Layla Velvet Effect - Lunar Surface

Layla Velvet Effect - Lunar Surface

Layla Velvet Effect - Lunar Surface

I ended up doing a full mani with this because I loved it so much. I have heard that the wear time is good on these but most of mine wore off the next day. I still love it and will be using it again! I can't wait to try out some other colors! I can also see this being super fun in nail art!

What do you think of this nail trend? Love it or hate it? (I really don't think there is an in-between. LOL)  I gotta say, I used to be a hater but after trying it, I'm a lover! 

Layla Velvet Effects Nail Art (comes in 12 shades), as well as all the polishes and "effects" from Layla, are available at Ninja Polish. You can also follow Ninja Polish on Facebook and Layla Cosmetics on Facebook for information.

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



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