Thursday, May 16, 2013

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - Swatches and Review ♥

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Happy Thursday! I am going to my nephew's last junior high concert tonight (he plays the violin) - it's so hard to believe he is going to be in high school soon! Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got a post up today so it's earlier than my normal posting time. 

If you have been into nail polish and nail polish blogs for very long you know about the original Essence Twins Collection. They were super popular and have since been discontinued and are extremely hard to find. Essence brought back some of the fan favorites - sort of. I say "sort of" because, while the names are the same, the polishes are not. But they are just as gorgeous! 

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - in the shade

More information and swatches after the jump!

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella is a duo containing a yummy periwinkle creme (Edward) and a coordinating glitter topper (Bella). The formula on both of these was a treat to work with - truly amazing application. Edward was creamy and went on like butter and was completely opaque and shiny on his own in 2 coats. Bella was just as nice - the glitter spread easily and there was no clumping and I didn't need to use the dabbing method at all. I used 2 light coats of Bella on my ring finger and did a gradient on all other fingers. I topped it off with one coat of Poshe and it was perfectly smooth. (Bella is not a "hungry" glitter.) 

Any bubbles you see in the photos are from my topcoat. 

As much as I love periwinkle, my camera hates it. i had a very hard time capturing the true color so I have photos taken in various lighting. These look true to color on my screen - Edward is a true periwinkle.


First up, a pic of Edward alone (this is slightly more blue than it is in real life) -

Essence Edward (2 coats) under artificial lighting

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - in the shade

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - in the sun

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - under artificial lighting

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - under artificial lighting

Essence Twins Reloaded Edward and Bella - under artificial lighting

What do you think of these? Bella is SO much more sparkly in real life - my camera just wouldn't capture the sparkle! If you loved the original Twins Collection, you will love Twins Reloaded!

Essence polishes are 5-Free and Cruelty Free! In the past they were only easy to acquire if you lived in Europe but Ninja Polish is now carrying Essence! They retail for $7.50. You can purchase and sign up for stock notifications here

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥




  2. Yay for ninja stocking them... Adding to the ever growing wish list. Excellent swatches!

  3. Ooh I *love* your color combo! Periwinkle is a favorite of mine, and I always love a glitter gradient. Very nice swatches :)

  4. Oh wow, I can't believe how much they cost at Ninja Polish. But I suppose if the alternative is to go without Essence, there are a lot of people willing to pay that much :-)
    Over here Essence is the polish you can always get, even the day before payday ;-)

    Great swatches, I only have Edward, need to go out and get Bella now!

    1. Well you have to remember that they have to add in the cost of freight to get it to the US and all of the fees that go with that as well. I don't think it's a bad price at all considering us in the US couldn't get them at all before. :)


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