Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rainbow Honey: The Robot Collection ♥

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have the latest offering from Rainbow Honey to show you today - The Robot Collection. 

Illustration by Mary Winkler for Rainbow Honey

I loved the way these were packaged. Unfortunately I failed to get photos of the packaging before opening them (bad blogger - LOL). Sheila at Pointless Café was nice enough to let me borrow her photo to show you guys.

Great packaging!

This collection consists of 5 foil/metallic polishes and one glitter topper. All 5 of the foil polishes had the same formula. They were almost one-coaters but do require two to even them out and ensure there are no bare spots. As with most polishes with this finish, you don't want to over-manipulate. I didn't have an issue with brush strokes like many metallic polishes have. I DID attempt stamping with them and they do not work well for stamping. I am showing 2 coats of each one in the photos with no top coat. Yoshimi is the glitter topper and I loved it. I used one thick coat of glitter in all Yoshimi photos, topped with one coat of Poshe. Make sure to mix the glitters well and kind of swirl your brush around a bit before polishing and you shouldn't have any issues getting plenty of glitter on the brush. 

The colors are described by Rainbow Honey as follows:

Bitty Love Bot - Sparkling metallic aqua
Femme Bot - Sparkling metallic peony
Dusty Bot - Sparkling metallic lavender
Lucky Bot - Sparkling metallic agave 
Skyward Bot -  Sparkling metallic cerulean
Yoshimi - A truly mod black & white combination of glitters sprinkled with a bit of iridescence


Bitty Love Bot

Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot

Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot


Femme Bot

Rainbow Honey Femme Bot

Rainbow Honey Femme Bot


Dusty Bot

Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot

Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot


Lucky Bot

Rainbow Honey Lucky Bot

Rainbow Honey Lucky Bot


Skyward Bot

Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot

Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot

Fun skittles with all five...

Rainbow Honey Robot Collection Skittles


Yoshimi - I layered this one over skittles of the others in the collection. I also layered it over a green creme (Kiko 393) so you could see the sparkle in Yoshimi. 

Rainbow Honey Yoshimi

Rainbow Honey Yoshimi

Rainbow Honey Yoshimi

Rainbow Honey Yoshimi

Well, there you have it! What do you think of this collection?

The Robot Collection is available on rainbowhoney.com and at participating retail partners. To see a list of current e-tailers, click here You can like Rainbow Honey on Facebook here and follow the Rainbow Honey Blog here

Polishes retail for $10 for a full size (15 ml) bottle or you can purchase the set for $50. You can also purchase the set of minis (as shown in this post) for $25. 

Shipping is free over $50 and you get a beautiful, limited edition Bubble Beam during the month of April, 2013.

Rainbow Honey Bubble Beam

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥

*PR products provided for my honest review



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