Monday, March 25, 2013

Glitter Gal - Grape and Lemon Fizz ♥

I was going through some of my photos yesterday and found these that I could have sworn I already showed you guys but checked and realized I hadn't! These are the last 2 polishes in Glitter Gal's Popping Candy Collection - Grape and Lemon Fizz. 

If you missed my previous posts on the other two polishes in this collection, you can see Watermelon here and Blueberry Soda here.

First up is Grape. Grape is a very light, very sheer purple. The shimmer in this is very pretty but I wouldn't attempt to wear it alone. I used 2 coats over Nail Junkie Violet on all nails except my pinky where I put 3 coats over a plain white creme. I love the shift from lavender to green in this one! My camera did have a hard time capturing the green shift though. No topcoat in the photos. 

Glitter Gal Grape

Glitter Gal Grape

Glitter Gal Grape

Glitter Gal Grape

And now for Lemon Fizz. You all know by now that I am not typically a fan of yellow polish, however I like this one! It is a very pretty shade and the color shift to green, and even lavender sometimes, really makes it special. It is so bright and fun, perfect for spring and summer! I used 2 coats of Lemon Fizz over a plain white creme in the photos below, no topcoat. 

Glitter Gal Lemon Fizz

Glitter Gal Lemon Fizz

Glitter Gal Lemon Fizz

Glitter Gal Lemon Fizz

What do you think of this collection? They are great for the upcoming warm months!

The Glitter Gal Popping Candy Collection is available at Ninja Polish and each 10 ml bottle sells for $11.

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Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥
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  1. “Sorria,estou desejando à você um excelente dia. Muita paz, muita alegria um dia Super Feliz.”

  2. Uau, adorei estes esmaltes, ma o primeiro foi meu preferido! Lindo de viver!!!!


  3. I like them both. The grape one is so gorgeous and looks like a pool of color, and the lemon polish simply glows. I've never used an indie polish, but these make me want to order some.


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