Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sinful Colors: Sugar Rush Collection ♥

I went to my Walgreens today specifically to see if they had the new Sugar Rush Collection from Sinful Colors yet (but not really expecting they would - 'cause that's how my Wags rolls) but to my surprise they did have it!

I bought 4 out of the 8 - the yellow one (Unicorn) is a re-promote and not something I would wear since it's yellow, Orange Cream and Cotton Candy looked too pale for my skin (although they were very pretty) and Sugar 'n Spice looked a lot like SC Cream Pink (maybe a little brighter).

Sugar Rush Display
L to R: Sugar 'n Spice, Candy Coated, Cotton Candy, Unicorn, Sweet Nothing, Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, Orange Cream

First up are the "blues" - Sweet Nothing on my index and ring fingers and Sugar Rush on my middle finger and pinky. The formula on Sweet Nothing was FAB - two coats, Sugar Rush was almost a 2-coater but I used 3 to even it out. (Please excuse the weird skin color in my pics, my camera didn't want to capture the colors accurately today.)

Sinful Colors - Sweet Nothing and Sugar Rush

Now for the purples - Candy Coated (on index and ring) and Sweet Tooth (on middle and pinky). These were both fairly thin with Candy Coated being slightly more opaque than Sweet Tooth. 3 coats of both (no topcoat).

Sinful Colors - Candy Coated and Sweet Tooth

Sinful Colors retail for $1.99 each and are available at Walgreens and other various drug stores.

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



  1. I'm on a perpetual no-by and you do THIS to me!? haha

  2. I am a pasetl whore so I love them ALL!!!!! <3 love your photos

  3. Thank you for the swatches. I am in love with Sinful colors. I usually find it to be a great coverer. And very affordable.

  4. I bought unicorn a while ago, just because I didn't own any yellows, I don't own any clothing that it would work with but I felt like I was missing a whole colour with my nail polish. I tried it on just to see what it was like, and because it was the first Sinful Colors I'd bought as they're new to Australia. But it looked really nice once I had it on my nails! Wasn't too out-there and worked well with my skin tone. :)

  5. These are gorgeous! I have to buy something from this brand soon!


  6. Cute picks :) I love your swatches!

  7. awesome pastels! I'll be checking my walgreens for these!

  8. ahh pretty, i was in mine yesterday and didn't see it. Nice colors

  9. you know i'm loving Sweet Nothing! lol great post!

  10. Oh wow, these are super cute! I'm usually not a fan of SC, but I do want to pick these up!

  11. Still no display around here but I'm probably going to need all of them!

  12. Mine just got the display. Love this collection. Sinful colors always does great pastels


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