Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorites of 2012 - Part 1 - Favorites I Was Behind On

Happy (almost) New Year's Eve everyone! Tonight I have for you a favorites post that is a little different than some you have been seeing around the blogosphere. These are my favorite polishes that I acquired this year that were released prior to this year - in other words, polishes I was behind on!

I was going to narrow this down to 12 for 2012 but I just couldn't knock any of these off my list so I have lucky #13 for you today. Here they are in no particular order.


Chanel Dragon - I received this as a birthday gift in November. It was my first Chanel and it is simply amazing. Perfect. Red. Creme.

Chanel Dragon

China Glaze High Def - this is from China Glaze's Tronica Collection that came out in 2011 - and I managed to miss every single one. Now I need them all. LOL! This one is a perfect dusty blue.

China Glaze High Def

 Dior Liquorice - this super hard-to-find Dior is simply amazing. The picture speaks for itself.

Dior Liquorice

Illamasqua Hectic - I do love me some poopy greens and this one is my favorite. It was not easy to acquire this polish as it is extremely hard-to-find so that makes me treasure it even more.

Illamasqua Hectic

MAC Bad Fairy - this one needs no explanation. And the story behind it makes it very near and dear to my heart.

MAC Bad Fairy

Zoya Petra - this is one of my go-to polishes. I wear this polish a lot and am at least halfway through the bottle.
Zoya Petra

Dior Purple Mix - one of my favorite polishes out of my whole stash. You can't go wrong with a Dior creme and this color is to die for.

Dior Purple Mix

China Glaze Hyper Haute - another offering from the Tronica Collection. This is my favorite out of the Tronicas that I have so far.

China Glaze Hyper Haute

Zoya Jana - I wear this polish all. the. time. However, I realized I have NEVER blogged it! How in the world did that happen? LOL! So, I have borrowed a photo from Pointless Cafe.

Zoya Jana

Dior Jamaican Pepper - can you tell that I love Dior? This time last year I had never even considered Dior polish - now it is one of my favorites. I would own even more if my wallet would let me!

Dior Jamaican Pepper

Orly Frolic - just such a happy, cheery color.

Orly Frolic

Orly Green Apple - this shade of green looks yummy enough to eat (pun intended).

Orly Green Apple
Sinful Colors Dream On - (shown with stamping) - I absolutely adore this color and the rubber finish of this polish.

Sinful Colors Dream On

Well, there are my previously-released favorites! I will be back tomorrow with more favorites! Let me know your favorites in the comments!

Thanks for reading and happy polishing! ♥



  1. These are some great selections!!!

  2. These are some great selections!!!

  3. Zoya Jana is my favorite Zoya of all time! Great post.

  4. Great choices! ♥ Happy New Year to you!

  5. These are all awesome. I always love what you choose. <3

  6. Tronica is an amazing collection - I have all 12 and love them.

  7. Love your choices Ashley...I love the title of your blog too...GREAT idea! While everything is GREAT...those Diors are super special!

  8. So many pretty color. I wish you a many more in 2013!

  9. For once I agree about a Chanel, thats an awesome red! My faves of your faves would have to be the Tronica's, Illamasqua Hectic, Bad Fairy & Zoya Jana.

    Thanks for posting all of this! You and a couple of other bloggers (Sheila at Pointless, and The Polishaholic) have inspired me to actually stop biting my nails again and grow & paint them... I now have my nails painted for the first time (zoya Edyta) in nearly a year and it actually looks ok lol.
    So THANKS, ladies!! rock on!

    1. Awwww I am so glad to hear that! Nail polish has helped many bloggers stop biting their nails! Enjoy! ♥

  10. Love every single polish from this post! Great favs imo :D


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