Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Stuff

Hello everyone! Today is my birthday and it was a great one -other than the pounding headache (apparently my head didn't get the memo that it wasn't supposed to hurt today.) But I have been blessed with many new friends this past year and I had a very nice day despite my head. 

I just have a couple pics of my birthday mani to show you along with several "thank yous" to very lovely friends who were thoughtful and sent me lovely birthday presents. They are not necessary, really. I love just knowing that anyone was nice enough to think of me, but the gifts were so sweet that I wanted to share. 

First up, my mani. I didn't have time to get proper pics so these are kinda crappy, but I suppose they are better than nothing. This is Essence Bella with polka dots done with Layla Flash Black.

Birthday Mani

Birthday Mani

And now for the goodies...
(Most of these are cell phone pics so I apologize for the picture quality)

I received this lovely package from my uber sweet friend Jen at Jen's Wonderland

NerdLacquer Holy Grail, China Glaze Laser Lime and High Def (with other goodies)

I received this amazing package from my lovely friend Jin in Israel (these are my first from the China Glaze OMG Collection!)

Pupa holos (034 and 036), China Glaze TTYL and DV8 (and other goodies)

This one is from my super awesome friend Kim at The Ides of Polish. She sent these a couple of months ago because I was dying for Smash and she was afraid if she didn't send it I would buy it before my birthday. *oops* I have already worn all of them multiple times and love them. (She also sent me some Maoam candy which I love and don't have access to in the US.... but I ate it before I took the pic. Hehe)

Illamasqua Smash and MUA 3 and 23

 The next bundle of goodness is from my uber talented and sweet friend Jacki at Adventures in Acetone. (She also sent candy but I forgot to include it in the photo.)

Zoya Audrina and Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed

The next lovelies are from the super sweet Sandy at Dandy Nails.

China Glaze Hyper Haute and Orly Miss Conduct

Next is a very thoughtful gift from the lovely Cynthia at Alter Ego Nail Enamel
Franken and Bootie Babe Bossy Boots

And lastly I have my gift from my lovely friend  Sheila at Pointless Cafe.

Chanel Dragon and Cult Nails Annalicious (with lotsa other goodies)

I certainly was spoiled this year! I want to thank all of the ladies that were sweet enough to think of me! ♥



  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got spoiled, you certainly deserve it! I hope that headache goes away. Have fun with all of your awesome new polishes!!!

  2. Glad you had an awesome birthday! ♥

  3. Happy birthday! You got some goregeous gifts, and what a lovely mani for your special day!
    I hope your headache disappears! :)

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  5. Looks like you certainly got spoiled! Happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday!!!! Love the manicure!!!! :)

  7. Happy birthday! Your mani looks gorgeous, and now I'm excited to see you use your new nail goodies in posts to come :)


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