Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BOO! - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of you that celebrate! 

I have a fun mani for you today - one that took me quite a while to complete but, luckily, I actually ended up really liking.  I received some of the large "sequins" from the Born Pretty Store and was really excited to try them out. I will admit that these take a lot of time and, most of all, patience. But I was expecting that going into it. I am not a very patient person - that is probably quite an understatement. For me to take on something like this, I REALLY have to like the look of it. Anyway, this design (not including the ghosts) took me somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Not TOO bad. The most frustrating part was trying to get them in just the right spot. I applied them with a pointy metal cuticle pusher (I use this for just about everything EXCEPT pushing my cuticles! LOL) dipped in water. I originally tried a dotting tool but it didn't work as well for me. I used 2 coats of Poshe on top of the sequins and they are perfectly smooth. 

I was originally planning on doing the ghosts with the white sequins but I found out the are very translucent and didn't show up over the black. I just ended up painting the ghosts on with Milani White on the Spot, over Nails Inc. Paddington. (The base for my "Boo" fingers is Milani Black Swift.) 

I do apologize for the photos, they aren't very good. I had a really hard time photographing these because when you get them in the sun they SHINE. Big time. I ended up taking these in the shade and they are pretty dark and kind of blurry. This mani looks much better in person.

Halloween Mani

 Here are what the sequins look like....

Born Pretty Store Sequins

And a few more pics with some props...

Halloween Mani

Halloween Mani

Halloween Mani

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

The sequins can be purchased from the Born Pretty Store (click here for a direct link). Make sure to check out the code on my left sidebar for 10% off your order!

Thanks for reading! ♥

*PR product provided to me for my honest review.



  1. Love it!!!

    I have sequins but I haven't tried them yet...

  2. Love the sequin letters!!! -and the props :)

  3. I love it!!! Perfect for today :D

  4. This is sooooo cute!
    I have to try something with those sequins as well... but will never get as good as you! ;-)

    I've made an English version of my blog and would be very honored if you could come check it out!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Sooo cute! Such a clever idea! Happy Halloween!

  6. I need to tell you again how much i LOVED this mani!


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