Sunday, June 17, 2012

Laser Beam Explosion!

It's been awhile since I have had a new post. Blogger has been having some issues and many blogs have been affected, mine included. The issue seems to be fixed now and I couldn't wait to get this mani posted! I did this mani on Friday afternoon and am still wearing it as I type (although that will more than likely change tonight). I took photos on Friday and didn't realize until today that they were not saved on my card. *sad face* So I took more today but please keep in mind that this is a 2-day old mani so there is some tip wear, etc. Definitely NOT the way I wanted to showcase this mani but I was too excited not to post it.

For this mani I used a skittle of very bright colors - I will list all of the polishes used for this mani at the end of the post. After the base was dry I used striping tape and cut it into small strips and then applied it randomly over each nail in a pattern that I thought would look best. I then applied my black polish and almost immediately peeled the tape off. As you can see, not all of my lines are crisp which bothers me. But it is much more noticeable here than in real life. Macro is NOT a nail blogger's friend.  Let's get to the pics, shall we?

Laser Beams

Laser Beams

Laser Beams

What do you think of my laser beams? I wish it had been fresh when I took the pics, it looked much better. Is this a technique you will be trying?

The polishes I used are:
Thumb - China Glaze Turned-Up Turquiose
Index Finger - Sinful Colors Pink (much brighter than it looks in the photos)
Middle Finger - Misa Let's Go Green
Ring Finger - Zoya Mira
Pinky - Sinful Colors Summer Peach
I used Milani Black Swift and Cult Nails Wicked Fast on all nails

Striping tape can be found at a few different online shops as well as eBay.


  1. Love it! I've been meaning to do a tape mani forever!

  2. Very pretty mani! Glad to hear that your blog is fine again :)

  3. I love it!! This is gorgeous! The black looks great over all the different colors.

  4. Great post! I love your blog^^


    I'd love to follow you if you could do the same for me <3

  5. Fantastic! I'll definitely be trying this!

  6. This is such a great idea, they look great! xo

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