Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guest Post Saturday! Lauriestrodes Fun With Nails with a Lovely DuoChrome and Glitter Layering Combo!

I have a guest post for you tonight from my very sweet friend Marie-Luise! Her blog, Lauriestrodes Fun With Nails, is super fun and she is awesome at nail art! Plus her nails are gorgeous! I definitely recommend that you check her out and give her a follow. And did I mention she is a sweetheart? ;-) Thanks Marie for this amazing post!


I am a sucker for British polish. One of my earliest purchases when I started out collecting back in 2009 were two Leighton Denny polishes, Sex Kitten and Diamond Diva. I remember being less than impressed due to heavy bubbling, but I loved the colours so I kept them. Then half a year later I saw The Heiress and simply had to have it. It was a lovely blue based lilac that was absolutely breathtaking - and after trying the other two colours again and having no problems at all, I haven’t looked back. If I come across a Lenny Deighton polish I fall in love with I will, at some point, buy it.

I am also a sucker for duo/multichromes, so when I saw the Space themed Atmospheric Collection I fell in instant lust with Your Planet or Mine, an oil slick like polish, flashing dark teal and purple in the bottle, that seemed like nothing else I have come across.

And since I am also a glitter ho’ I couldn’t help being attracted to Big Bang as well. The dark teal jelly base, black and silver glitter with microscopic teal shimmer particles makes this totally worth the price tag (11 £).

Your Planet or Mine was extremely hard to photograph but I was lucky enough to have both overcast weather and sunshine the day I took pictures which showcases all it’s awesomeness.

A little warning if you decide to buy Big Bang: it dries VERY gritty and it really is a top coat eater if ever I saw one, even some of my Lynnderella’s require less than this one. I poured two heavy layers on, and I could still feel slight grittiness. I recommend you use Gelous or something similar in order to save on your top coat.

But onto the pictures, I am sure you’d rather feast your eyes on some polish gorgeousness than reading my winded post :D

Sometimes the purple likes to come out and play:

But mostly it is just the awesome teal shimmer that shows up:

If you feel like trying this lovely British brand you can purchase polishes and other nail care products (the glass file is outstanding) at, and All three etailers have free worldwide shipping.

A huge thank you to you Ashley, for letting me share some of my polishes.


  1. omg too funny - I have a review of this polish set up to publish in a few days! Great minds think alike :)

    1. Hey, sounds great - I am looking forward to read it!!!

  2. Loving this one - but what's not to love about this???? It reminds me a tish of an Orly shade I picked up on sale from their Dark Shadows collection - called Mysterious Curse.


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