Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zoya Petra gets Spotted! With Swatches and Review

I have a little nail art for you tonight! Well, MY version of nail art. LOL I've been wearing Zoya Petra for a little over a day and I love it but I thought it I would jazz it up a little. I decided to break out my dotting tools and used Zoya Shelby and Wednesday as my dotting colors. The dots are not perfect, as you can see in the photos, but overall I am happy with this. 

I love Petra and I think it looks good with my pasty white skin tone as well. The color is kind of hard to describe. It changes from a charcoal grey to a dusty purple to a mushroom color. Amazing. I had full opacity with 2 coats and the application was wonderful. All photos are without top coat. 

And a couple more shots of my "nail art." 

Zoya polishes retail for $8 and can be purchased at or at select Ulta locations. Don't forget about their Share the Love program! If you sign up for a new Zoya account using my link you can get a free bottle polish added to your first order!


  1. Looks great Ashley! I think I am seeing spots now. Thanks a lot :0\

  2. Very pretty! I love the colors that you used!

  3. Love the design! I recently bought some rhinestones to do some nail have so inspired me : D


  4. Love this! I don't have Petra and I really need to get it! I love the dots!!! Super cute!

  5. As you know Petra is the only polish I've ever finished an entire bottle of and I'm halfway through my 2nd bottle! Love it! The nail art is adorable!


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