Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zoya Spam! PIC HEAVY!

Hello lovely readers! I thought it might be fun to start doing spam posts of some of my favorite brands every once in a while, swatches I have already done but may have been forgotten or the polish is so pretty it deserves to be seen again. :) I decided to kick it off with one of my favorite brands, Zoya! 

Zoya is Cruelty-Free, 4-free and has amazing wear. (Note: if you find Zoya is not wearing well on you, try changing your top coat. There are certain top coats, including Seche Vite, that do not play well with Zoya.) They are also a company that has a lot of promos and giveaways! Who doesn't love a good deal on awesome polish? The have also recently started their awesome Share the Love program but I will tell you about that at the bottom of this post. Let's get to the pics, shall we? 

I have linked each individual blog post above the picture if you would like to see the complete post.


 From their newest collection, The Beach Collection. Release for Summer 2012

One last shot of The Beach Collection (minus the two I don't have yet)

Whew, that was a lot of pics! LOL So many amazing Zoya colors and I have tons on my wishlist that I haven't been able to acquire yet. Stay tuned for those in the future! *wink*

Now for more information on their new Share the Love program! With Share the Love you earn points and with each number of points you get certain rewards (money off purchases, free polish, etc.) Right now if you don't have a Zoya account you can sign up using my link and you will automatically get a free bottle of polish added on to your very first order! You can find my link HERE If you haven't tried Zoya yet, this is an awesome way to start your collection! And if you already love Zoya then you definitely want more colors! 

Make sure to follow Zoya on Facebook and Twitter as well! 


  1. I LOVE Zoya spam! I think I have all the ones you showed except for the new collections, haven't gotten around to getting them yet but will for sure!

  2. Love it! Midori looks great on you too!

  3. If you ever want to get rid of your Poshe or Harlowe, I call DIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love it! One of my favorite brands!

  5. You picked out some great ones. It's so hard for me to pick up and show folks 'some' of my fav polishes. It depends on my mood, time of year, if I just want it straight from the bottle of if I do this and that in layers, and on and on.

  6. Ah, Edyta, how I still love thee... All the greens here look great on you.


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