Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zoya Sooki - Swatches and Review

Why in the world did I wait so long to get Zoya Sooki?! I am an avid red lover but have, honestly, been a little bored with red lately. As I have mentioned before, my tastes have changed a lot since I started blogging and some of the colors I would not have worn before are some of my absolute favorites now. I have always loved purple, it is still one of my faves, but lately I am loving anything and everything green and brown. Deep, muddy, murky colors. With all that said, I still love me a good red. And Sooki does not disappoint. This is now one of my favorite reds, if not THE favorite red.

Sooki is a bright cherry red creme (although I would say it is more of a crelly, it is not completely opaque which is the only thing I am not crazy about). I had a hard time capturing the true color (as always, my camera hates red. And me. LOL), I will post 3 pics at the bottom where my skin looks blue but the red is the correct red of Sooki, the others are too orange.

This is 3 coats and no top coat, it is this shiny by itself! Please excuse the messy clean up job, this was towards the end of a long swatching session and my cuticles were not happy.

Now for the blue pics. Haha This is a much better representation of the color but it is super bright and shiny like the pics above. :)

What do you think of Sooki? Do you own her, will you be running out to get her? Zoya is one of my favorite brands and they have a ton of sales and promos.

You can purchase Zoya at Ulta stores and on Zoya's website by clicking HERE. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on new collections, sales and giveaways!!


  1. Beautiful red! Sadly enough, I don't own Sooki!

  2. Oh I like this!!! Maybe I can get a bottle of this to make up for my lost China Glaze Poinsettia (favourite red polish ever!!!)

    1. I see a ton of CG Poinsetta's out there on the secondary market and in etailers who are trying to dump the over flow of the holiday shades. I know you can pick up a new Poinsettia for $2 or there about. But Snookie is good too.

  3. This is just such a great go to red. I grabbed it with the rest of the collection last summer not expecting it to be anything but stuck in my untrieds.

  4. So Pretty! Such a bright red.

  5. Nice new layout!!!!! :D
    Love it!!
    ANd i love the red, obviously!


  6. Looks great on you! I just recently got this and my BF loves it! I'm a blue-based red lover (Zoya ZsaZsa) more than an orange-based red lover, but Sooki really does ROCK it!


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