Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#hashtag Holo - SpectraFlair Top Coat

Have you heard about SpectraFlair? Probably. But if you haven't it is a fine powder used in auto detailing. What does this have to do with nail polish you may ask. Well, let me tell you. It makes nail polish HOLO. And not just any holo, LINEAR HOLO. When you add it to clear polish it creates a holo top coat that can be used over any polish to make it a linear holo.

I received my top coat from my friend Sheila at Pointless Cafe (you can see the nail mail post HERE) and have been experimenting and playing with it ever since. She made it extra holo and I was able to get two bottles out of the one she sent! Yippee! I finally used it for a full mani and I am in love. I want to add this to everything now, maybe even my ice cream. LOL 

I had been wearing Cult Nails Vicious for a full day and decided to add the top coat to it and it makes an amazing combo! I need to apologize for the tip wear in these photos. I have been wearing Vicious for THREE days (1 without the holo and 2 with it) and I think this is pretty amazing wear for 3 days. Especially for me, I am very hard on my nails and I did a lot of cleaning today so go Cult Nails for the awesome wear test! I think they passed with flying colors!

These pics are inside. I tried and tried to get outside pics but the last 2 days have been busy and it's been one thing after another so I didn't have the chance.

*Sigh* Isn't it lovely?! If you want to experiment with SpectraFlair you can purchase it on eBay. Just be aware it is very fine and you should not use it in a room with a fan. LOL 


  1. And I still think you didn't have to move your hand. LOL

  2. Jelly.. This looks gorgeous on your nails!

  3. That looks really cool! I need to try that out myself. :)

  4. Totally mesmerizing. Like Unicorn sneeze!!!!

  5. If you have a fb account SpectraFlair has it's own page!!

    You can purchase through there as well as ebay.

    I've been making holo polishes for over a year with SF it's awesome!

  6. So who do I go to get some of this magical powder??? Just any auto paint place?

  7. This is just stunning!!! Is it hard to do?

  8. This is just stunning!!! Is it hard to do?

  9. I've searched eBay and there is only 1 seller, also which is best fine medium or course?


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