Friday, April 6, 2012

Arizona Diamondbacks Opening Day Tribute Mani

Yesterday was the opening day of Major League Baseball but I had to wait until today to see my boys back in action! I love my Arizona Diamondbacks and just had to do some nail art to celebrate. I was planning on a tape mani but I ran out of time so I did a gradient instead. The D'backs colors are tan, red and black (they have much fancier, Arizona-ish names but we will just stick with the simple ones LOL).

I used Julep Alyson, Julep Molly and Sinful Colors black for this gradient. I am not 100% happy with it, I did this last night and didn't add top coat until this morning and it still smeared. I had to touch it up so it lost some of the smooth effect of the gradient.

Photo courtesy of The Arizona Diamondbacks and

Let's go D'backs, let's go! No matter who you root for, I hope you enjoy the day and Happy Good Friday to those who celebrate!


  1. Pretty! I'm going to do Pittsburgh Pirates nails when I go to their games this weekend.

  2. Go Dbacks! We are huge Dbacks fans in this house. My son was at the game when Upton hit his first major league home run. To this day he's still his favorite player. Can't wait to get to some games. Great mani!

  3. Wow, love this!!!! I wish I would have done a mani for the Indians home opener yesterday, especially since it was the longest opening day game in history!

  4. I think it looks good. Was this a sponge on gradient? That's one of the few I seem to have success with if I want the fuzzy gradient. Oh man - I like baseball - but the season is sooo long and my home aide's husband is a total fanatic - watching the games - on 3 leagues himself for softball and coaches Little League - which I think the latter is great as he has no kids on the team - I think too often the coaches in LL are so bias because they have their own kids on the team. But my home aide is harder to get hours with because she has to get home to take over child care - which is a huge deal during BB season. I am a SF Giants fan - I grew up as a Dodger fan when they came to LA from NY. But moving north in CA - you tend to change some of your allegiances as to what your 'home teams' are.

  5. Even just as a Mani, I really like these colours sponged together


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