Friday, March 9, 2012

Revlon Whimsical

Happy Friday everyone!! Sorry I didn't get a post up last night, it was just one of those nights. LOL I will try to get another one up later to make up for it. :-)

I hope you aren't sick of light blue yet, I have yet one more (and FINAL) layer to the Sinful Colors Be Happy and Sinful Colors Cinderella mani. Revlon Whimsical, I am sure you have all seen it before but I hadn't worn it before so here it is. ;-)

Whimsical is a very sheer light blue base (I, personally, would not attempt to wear it alone) with small irridescent glitter and larger hex glitter in copper and blue. I think it looks great over the SC that I had on. My mom doesn't like blue polish but she liked this enough that she is now wearing it! I am wearing her down! LOL 

The application was a little tricky, I had to do a lot of dabbing with this one. This is 2 coats but if I hadn't dabbed and placed the glitter it would have needed more. It was not a hungry glitter, I used one coat of Nubar Diamont Topcoat and it was perfectly smooth.

I hope you enjoyed Whimsical! My next post will not be blue! LOL


  1. Good job dabbing the glitter! Even though I don't want this, I love how it turned out on you!

  2. Love this polish! Too bad I haven't seen it around me yet =/

  3. I bet your next mani will be green! I'll be getting Whimsical from Ulta soon. Buy 2 get 1 free...

  4. Whimsical never gets old for me. Love it!

  5. This is sitting in my untrieds bucket. Next mani! This looks so cute on you :)

  6. I can't wait to try whimsical myself, it looks stunning!

  7. The more swatches I see of this, the more I want it! Haven't come across it in stores here yet though:(


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